Upcoming diversity, equity and inclusion events: WISE recruitment is open

The Women Inspiring Scholarship through Empowerment (WISE) Institute is now accepting applications for scholars and mentors for the class of 2022. WISE is an initiative that seeks to inspire, support and empower individuals who self-identify as women by offering educational opportunities to develop knowledge and leadership skills, build connections, promote the presence of professional women, and foster mentoring relationships.
Interested mentors can apply with this form, and interested scholars with this form. Both applications are due Dec. 10.

The next SafeZone training session will be 2-4 p.m. Monday, Nov. 29. SafeZone trainings are opportunities to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender and sexuality, and examine prejudice, assumptions and privilege. All employees are welcome to join on Webex.
For more upcoming events and opportunities from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, please review the newsletter.

Reminder: Please stay home if you are sick, no exceptions

On Thursday, Nov. 18, Michigan reached the highest rate of daily new cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic.
Therefore, as we approach the holiday season, please continue to keep the health and safety of our students and colleagues in mind. If you are sick, please do not come to campus. Even if you have been vaccinated and even if you are pretty sure it’s just a cold, it’s still best to stay home. LCC continues to offer the COVID-19 Sick Leave Bank for all employees, including student employees.
The same goes for students. Please instruct students not to come to campus or to class if they tell you they are ill.
In addition, here are some best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding COVID-19 safety during the holidays:

  • Protect your family members – especially children younger than 5 and the immunocompromised – by getting vaccinated.
  • Continue to wear a mask when you are in public. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services recently issued an advisory strongly urging all Michiganders, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in indoor public settings.
  • If you are ill or displaying any symptoms, postpone your family’s gatherings.
  • Get tested if you or other attendees feel ill after the gathering.

As always, LCC encourages everyone to follow public health recommendations to get vaccinated, if you have not already done so. In addition, thank you for wearing your mask on campus and for washing or sanitizing your hands regularly.

Board of Trustees board liaison makes history

The Professional Board Staff Network has elected as president LCC’s Executive Assistant and Board Liaison Benita Duncan. Her election came during the recent 2021 Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Leadership Congress in San Diego, California.
Duncan becomes the first Black woman to ascend to the position of president for the Executive Committee of the ACCT Professional Board Staff Network (PBSN). The PBSN is a national-level resource for those who support governing boards or presidents of community colleges.
“Behind every great CEO, there is an exceptional executive assistant serving, but more importantly, leading and working confidently with their CEO and peers with diplomacy and influence,” Duncan said. “I am extremely humbled and honored to serve as the first Black president. Being the president of the PBSN allows me to serve my peers on a national level. Part of my responsibilities will include leading our team with the planning for our upcoming conference in New York City next year.”
Duncan has been with the Board since 2006 and was promoted to executive assistant and liaison to the Board in 2015. The Lansing native and Howard University graduate manages the day-to-day operations of the LCC Board of Trustees office, and is the primary contact person for individuals seeking to communicate with the Board. She led the effort to transition from a paper to paperless system for Board meeting materials, saving the college time and money. She has actively served on many college committees, personnel search committees and interview panels.
“Congratulations to Ms. Duncan on her recent election as president of the ACCT Professional Board Staff Network,” Board of Trustees Chair Ryan Buck said. “The PBSN has elected a gifted professional and leader in Ms. Duncan, and they will now benefit from the same exemplary work she has used to help make Lansing Community College a national leader in student success initiatives. She represents the very best of what makes LCC the place where success begins.”
In March 2008, the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution honoring Ms. Duncan for her service as administrative support to the Presidential Screening and Search Committee for the hiring of the sixth college president. In October 2014, she received the Central Regional Professional Board Staff Member Award given annually by the ACCT, and a Special Tribute from the State of Michigan for exemplary service and dedication to the college, her family, her church and the community.
She and her husband, Samuel Duncan IV, have two daughters.

Conference Services holding event planning training

In anticipation of holding more events on-campus sometime in 2022, the Conference Services team is offering two WebEx trainings for those looking to learn more about Conference Services and the event planning process. Employees will be on hand to go over the current process and answer questions. Anyone is welcome to join, and those who plan departmental or divisional events for the college are encouraged.
The training will be offered at two times to accommodate different schedules. The meeting password for both is LCCStars.

In addition to these live trainings, Conference Services offers a TMS training called “LCC Conference Services – Event Planning at LCC.” You can find it by logging into the TMS and searching the name.

New grade types: 0.0 and Z grades must now be marked as ‘finished’ or ‘unfinished’

Faculty will need to distinguish between “finished” and “unfinished” for 0.0 and Z grades when entering final grades this semester.
If a student does not complete the last graded assignment of a course, and thereby receives a 0.0 or Z course grade, they should be given an “unfinished” 0.0 or Z. If a student attempts the last graded assignment of a course but does not earn an overall course grade above a 0.0 or Z, they should be given a “finished” 0.0 or Z.
The difference between these grades is critical for understanding student success and processing financial aid more accurately. Understanding whether or not a student finished a course helps better define interventions and conversations with students. Knowing if a student finished a failed course streamlines the process for retroactive financial aid funding and the federal return of Title IV process. These new grade types will also remove some administrative burden from our faculty because the last date of participation will not have to be provided during grading for “finished” 0.0 and Z grades (0.0F and ZF). Faculty still will need to provide the last date of participation for “unfinished” 0.0 and Z grades (0.0U and ZU).
When entering final grades, beginning this semester, you will be given these options relating to 0.0 and Z grades:

  • 0.0F = 0.0 Finished
  • 0.0U = 0.0 Unfinished
  • ZF = Fail Finished, for pass/fail courses
  • ZU = Fail Unfinished, for pass/fail courses

Thank you!

Reminder: All employees required to attend new training about managing stress and burnout

Since the beginning of the pandemic, LCC has adopted “people first” as our emergency response refrain. The college’s focus has been on supporting the physical and mental health of our employees and students.
As part of this goal, the college recently required all supervisors to take part in a training called “Everyone Matters: Managing Stress and Burnout Through Change.” Part of the curriculum included a presentation from our Employee Assistance Program, HMSA, which covered the topics of managing stress, as well as identifying signs of stress in employees so as to effectively reach out and offer additional support.
Our supervisors overwhelmingly reported this training was helpful and valuable, both to understanding their own reactions and to guiding their teams with compassion. As a result, the college has decided to invest in this professional development for all employees.
By the end of 2021, all employees (including student employees) are required to take part in this new, one-hour “Everyone Matters” training.
The virtual training is only available live. Sessions will be offered several more times throughout November and December. Register for the session that works best in your schedule by logging into myLCC, clicking the “Work” tab, and then clicking “Talent Management System (LMS)” in the right-column navigation. If you have not yet attended or registered for a session, you can easily select the session that works best for you by accessing your transcript from the TMS homepage. From there, you will already see a listing for the event with an option to “Select Session.” Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and a separate email with the WebEx link shortly before your scheduled session starts.

The session is required for all employees who have not attended the supervisor session. If you have already attended a supervisor session, you are more than welcome to attend again.
Please note: If you are not currently assigned work at the time of this assignment, there is no expectation you will complete this assignment. Adjuncts who are required to take the training are approved for 60 minutes of pay upon attendance at their registered session.
We hope this new training is useful to you, either in treating symptoms of stress and burnout in yourself, or in supporting your colleagues, family or friends. Thank you for being an LCC employee.
If you have any questions regarding the training, please reach out to Human Resources Manager Sarah Velez at sarah.velez@star.lcc.edu.

Tech Tip of the Week: How to pin documents for quick access

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Do you have documents you access frequently, but it takes time to navigate through multiple folders to find them? Using the pin feature can save you some time.
The pin icon can be found in File Explorer, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft applications. When you pin a file, the application you are using will add a shortcut to the item in a quick access or pinned section help you navigate more quickly. To use this feature in File Explorer, you can:

  1. Navigate to a folder or document you need to access often.
  2. Click to highlight or select the folder or document.
  3. Click on “Pin to Quick access,” or right click and select this option.
  4. Once you have your file or document pinned in File Explorer, it will add shortcut to the item in the quick access section.
  5. When you no longer need a fast path to the folder or document, you can right click and select “Unpin from Quick access.”

The benefit to using the quick access navigation in File Explorer is pinned items will be quicker to access when opening from Word or other Microsoft applications.
You can also pin documents from the Open page section in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Visio. When you hover over a recently opened document on the “Open” page, a push pin icon will display. If you click on the push pin to point down, then your document will be pinned to the top for quick access in the future. When you no longer need quick access, click the push pin again to stop the quick access.

To explore this and other Tech Tips, visit our Tech Tips 5Star Knowledge Category.

Timesheet instructions – recording holiday hours on timesheet

Holiday hours for the dates of Nov. 25-26 will auto load on timesheets for the following employee groups:

  • Salaried Administrators: Holiday time will not appear on the timesheet but will auto load during the pay cycle. Please do not enter hours for the holiday.
  • FT Support: 16 hours will default on the timesheet for the holiday. Please disregard the “-16”populated in the default hours of timesheet. This will not affect your total hours reported.
  • FT Physical Plant: 16 hours will default on the timesheet for the holiday. Please disregard the “-16”populated in the default hours of timesheet. This will not affect your total hours reported.

Employees groups not listed above may record leave time (i.e. Holiday Pay, PTO, etc.) if available (see union contract) and if pay for the holiday is desired. Regular hours should be recorded on timesheet as “Holiday Worked” only if work was performed on the actual holiday.

For more information, click “Help,” located in employee self-service on your timesheet, in the top right corner.

Questions can be directed to our Payroll Department at FS-Payroll@star.lcc.edu or 517-483-1799.