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Visit our Dental Hygiene clinic for $40 cleanings

Affordable dental care is available from LCC’s Dental Hygiene students. No insurance is required, and you get a cleaning, exam, fluoride and even radiographs, if needed, for $40. The clinic is open 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the HHS Building, room 107.
The same services are only $35 for seniors 60 and older and $25 for students with ID and children 17 and younger.
As with all LCC services and buildings, a mask must be worn indoors. Please do not come in if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms, even if you’re confident it’s not COVID-19.
Learn more, and schedule an appointment by calling 517-483-1458.

A student examines a patient at LCC's Dental Hygiene clinic in 2018.

Accounting Services introduces new dynamic form

Accounts Payable is introducing a new process to submit invoices that do not have an accompanying purchase order. These invoices were formerly paid with a Check Request Voucher (CRV) form or by the Direct Pay process. Beginning today, please use the new Direct Pay Dynamic Form link on the Accounting Services webpage. This form will collect the same information that was required by the old processes and allow the invoice and needed back up to be attached to the dynamic form. It will then be electronically sent to the appropriate supervisor for approval before moving on to Accounts Payable.
To access the new electronic form, click the orange plus sign next to “Direct Pay Dynamic Form” on the Accounting Services webpage, then click the Direct Pay Dynamic Form link. There are instructions on the form to guide you through completing the information required and uploading the invoice/receipt attachments. With the new dynamic form process, invoices and supervisor approvals no longer need to be emailed to
If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact Megan Garrett or Francis Burch in Accounting for assistance. Accounting will also be reaching out to departments to guide them through this new process.

Unsolved mysteries of the LCC Archives

No matter how short or long your time at LCC has been, we’re hoping you’ll reach into your memory banks and share with us what you know about the image below. Any bit of information about the image is helpful, including the location, the event, a person or a random story related to it.
Send information, including the image number, to Linnea Knapp, Records Information Specialist,, and perhaps you can help solve a mystery. Learn more about the LCC Archives and learn what mysteries have been solved about images previously featured in The Star.

IMG #079 – LCC Individuals

IMG #079 - LCC Individuals

2022 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment underway

LCC is beginning the process of completing its 2022 Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA). The assessment addresses how Perkins programming and funding will support career and technical education programs and assist “special populations” students. It must be completed every two years by colleges that receive funding.
To assist with the effort, the college created a core working group of representatives from various areas who will compile the information. Depending on the topic, programs and departments might be called on to provide their expertise.
This process is ongoing, beginning this month and running through the end of November.
The CLNA core working group includes:

  • Center for Data Science: Dana Cogswell, Co-Chair
  • Perkins Administrator: Eduardo Suniga, Co-Chair
  • Arts & Sciences Division: Kent Wieland/Dawn Cousino
  • Financial Services: Anita Lycos
  • Health and Human Services Divsion: Elizabeth Burger
  • Student Support, Special Populations: Felipe Lopez Sustaita
  • Technical Careers Division: David Stowell
  • Academic Affairs Support: Penny Tucker

Questions about the CLNA process for this year can be directed to co-chairs Dana Cogswell, at, or Ed Suniga, at

What about benefits? Resources for nursing mothers

In accordance with legal requirements and college policies, LCC provides a supportive environment for employees who elect to express their milk during work hours, and expects that all employees will assist in providing a positive atmosphere of support for employees who elect to do so.
Milk expression breaks
The college is required to provide a reasonable amount of break time to express milk as frequently as needed by the nursing mother. The frequency of breaks needed to express milk as well as the duration of each break will likely vary. Employees (including student employees) may use their paid breaks and/or unpaid lunch periods for the purpose of expressing milk.
Lactation rooms
The college has identified several rooms that can be used for breast milk expression. These rooms meet statutory requirements and may be used by students and employees. Room locations follow. If the listed contact is unable to be reached, call LCC Police and Public Safety at 517-483-1800.
Downtown Campus

  • University Center – Room UC 107 (517-483-9770). Contact Patricia Spagnuolo at 517-483-1672
  • Washington Court Place – Room 112. Contact LCC Police and Public Safety at 517-483-1800
  • Gannon Building – Room 2132F – Inside Women’s Locker Room. Requires StarCard to access
  • Health and Human Services – Room 009.1 – Check into Medical Locked Storage (HHS 016)

West Campus: Contact Student Services at 517-267-5509
LCC East: Contact Lynda Waldecker at 517-483-1863
Livingston Center, Room B102: Contact Barbara Line at 517-545-3522

It is recommended lactation room accommodations are made prior to maternity leave.
Milk storage
Expressed milk can be stored in college refrigerators or in an employee’s personal cooler. Employees storing milk should label expressed milk with their name and date collected. Each employee is responsible for proper storage of her milk.
For questions related to room locations or facility issues, contact Administrative Services at 517-483-1808. For questions related to break times, contact Human Resources’ Lori Willett at 517-483-1979.

A round of Applause! for BCI’s Carolyn Dembowski

This week, we’re applauding Continuing Education Program Coordinator Carolyn Dembowski, who works within the Business & Community Institute.

“In my short time at LCC, this instructor made herself consistently available for one of my students who works with the Center for Student Access,” Larry Smith wrote in the award. “She provided the student with messages of encouragement and practice that helped him be successful. I have shared my experience with the other academic success coaches, and they are aware that instructor Dembowski will give your student a chance to be successful if they put in the work. As an academic success coach, assisting students to navigate their college experience, I say thank you!”

This regular “Applause!” column features the good work you and your colleagues do around the college. It’s powered by Applause! Awards, an LCC-wide program designed to recognize you for providing excellent customer service. Know someone who deserves to be featured here? All awards are given by employees, to employees, and everyone is eligible.

Learn more about employee climate survey results at upcoming meetings

The college is hosting two informational meetings about results of our Higher Education Survey of Employee Engagement (HESEE). We conducted this anonymous survey in March and April 2021. All employees were invited to participate, and 675 of you did. Thank you for your feedback!
The meetings will each have a question and answer session and are open to all employees. They will be offered at two times to accommodate schedules.

HESEE provides the college with scores for 12 different categories, or “constructs,” that drive organizational performance and engagement. The scores for the constructs are then averaged together to provide an overall score. A score of 350 or higher is considered the goal, and scores greater than 400 are indicative of a highly engaged workforce. The construct scores are also used to steer the college toward areas for further analysis and concentrated effort. We use the scores, in part, to select and prioritize the projects that drive our Strategic Plan.

LCC has improved considerably since our first use of this survey, with an improvement in our overall score from 346 in 2014 to a respectable 382 in 2021. Our highest scores relate to workplace, supervision and information systems.

Although the college has improved some construct scores to the ideal 400 range, there is still plenty of work to be done. The construct scores related to pay, benefits and internal communication have improved considerably since 2014, but remain our lowest scores and require some additional attention.

You can read our entire executive summary online. It includes more information about how the 12 constructs are defined, as well as a breakdown of responses to each question.

Academic Senate discusses communication with constituents

Academic senators met in small groups during their Sept. 10 meeting to brainstorm ways to share information from meetings with their constituents, and to gather ideas and questions from their constituents to share back to the full Senate. Many senators expressed their desire to facilitate more two-way communication with constituents in their departments and programs in the future.
The Senate also invited LCC Director of Assessment Karen Hicks to speak about two upcoming options for getting involved in what she called “student learning research.” She is gathering a group of faculty who are interested in diving deep into how their students are assessed as part of a yearlong Student Learning Assessment Design Lab. Additionally, all senators are going to be invited to participate in a mid-semester course evaluation, similar to the Blue course evaluations currently filled out by students at the end of each semester. The mid-semester evaluation will allow faculty to receive prompt feedback and make any needed adjustments to the class, Hicks said.
Centre of Engaged Inclusion Coordinator Laura Orta also attended the meeting to explain the work of the Centre. The Centre began in 2013 and is now the premier place on campus dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive atmosphere, she said. Employees and students have numerous opportunities to get involved in trainings and events. Some opportunities will include:

  • Trainings through the TMS run by a third-party leader in diversity training called EVERFI, including monthly SafeZone trainings
  • Beyond the Book reading selections, book discussions and events
  • Digital Badging and Micro-Credentialing, for those who want to continue their training beyond the EVERFI offerings
  • Inclusion Advocates, who serve on college search committees
  • Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence, who help to co-lead the development and implementation of inclusive excellence initiatives
  • RISE Institute (Reframing Inclusion through Scholarship and Equity)

In addition, Center for Teaching Excellence Director Megan Lin shared some of the lessons LCC employees said they had learned during the pandemic. Senators and other employees anonymously recorded their thoughts on a Google Doc that will be preserved.
The Senate will next meet 9-11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 24, via Webex. All employees are invited to attend. A link to the meeting will be included in the operations email on Monday, Sept. 20.

Upcoming diversity, equity and inclusion events

Be a mentor for our students! The Cesar Chavez Learning Center is building a community of leaders so we can pair our students with a peer mentor, a college or academic mentor, a professional mentor, and a local or hometown mentor. Check out the information session 2 p.m. today, Sept. 16, online and in the Cesar Chavez Learning Center.

Other upcoming events from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and LCC’s Cultural Awareness Committees include Inclusion Advocates training, Hispanic Heritage Awareness 365 and more. Get the meeting links online.