Tech Tip of the Week: Format Painter can keep on giving

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The Format Painter in Microsoft programs like Word and PowerPoint is a fast and effective way to copy and quickly apply the same formatting – such as color, font style and size, and border style – to multiple pieces of text or graphics. The Format Painter lets you copy all the formatting from one object and apply it to another one – think of it as copying and pasting for formatting. Check 5Star for more information about how to use the Format Painter.

Today’s tip is a simple way to apply the Format Painter to difference sections.

If you click on the Format Painter once, it will copy and paste the selected format to the desired location once. If you double click the Format Painter, it will hold the selected format you copied so you can paste it to multiple locations. To end the copy, you can press Escape or click on Format Painter again.

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