New grade types: 0.0 and Z grades must now be marked as ‘finished’ or ‘unfinished’

Faculty will need to distinguish between “finished” and “unfinished” for 0.0 and Z grades when entering final grades this semester.
If a student does not complete the last graded assignment of a course, and thereby receives a 0.0 or Z course grade, they should be given an “unfinished” 0.0 or Z. If a student attempts the last graded assignment of a course but does not earn an overall course grade above a 0.0 or Z, they should be given a “finished” 0.0 or Z.
The difference between these grades is critical for understanding student success and processing financial aid more accurately. Understanding whether or not a student finished a course helps better define interventions and conversations with students. Knowing if a student finished a failed course streamlines the process for retroactive financial aid funding and the federal return of Title IV process. These new grade types will also remove some administrative burden from our faculty because the last date of participation will not have to be provided during grading for “finished” 0.0 and Z grades (0.0F and ZF). Faculty still will need to provide the last date of participation for “unfinished” 0.0 and Z grades (0.0U and ZU).
When entering final grades, beginning this semester, you will be given these options relating to 0.0 and Z grades:

  • 0.0F = 0.0 Finished
  • 0.0U = 0.0 Unfinished
  • ZF = Fail Finished, for pass/fail courses
  • ZU = Fail Unfinished, for pass/fail courses

Thank you!