Reminder: All employees required to attend new training about managing stress and burnout

Since the beginning of the pandemic, LCC has adopted “people first” as our emergency response refrain. The college’s focus has been on supporting the physical and mental health of our employees and students.
As part of this goal, the college recently required all supervisors to take part in a training called “Everyone Matters: Managing Stress and Burnout Through Change.” Part of the curriculum included a presentation from our Employee Assistance Program, HMSA, which covered the topics of managing stress, as well as identifying signs of stress in employees so as to effectively reach out and offer additional support.
Our supervisors overwhelmingly reported this training was helpful and valuable, both to understanding their own reactions and to guiding their teams with compassion. As a result, the college has decided to invest in this professional development for all employees.
By the end of 2021, all employees (including student employees) are required to take part in this new, one-hour “Everyone Matters” training.
The virtual training is only available live. Sessions will be offered several more times throughout November and December. Register for the session that works best in your schedule by logging into myLCC, clicking the “Work” tab, and then clicking “Talent Management System (LMS)” in the right-column navigation. If you have not yet attended or registered for a session, you can easily select the session that works best for you by accessing your transcript from the TMS homepage. From there, you will already see a listing for the event with an option to “Select Session.” Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email and a separate email with the WebEx link shortly before your scheduled session starts.

The session is required for all employees who have not attended the supervisor session. If you have already attended a supervisor session, you are more than welcome to attend again.
Please note: If you are not currently assigned work at the time of this assignment, there is no expectation you will complete this assignment. Adjuncts who are required to take the training are approved for 60 minutes of pay upon attendance at their registered session.
We hope this new training is useful to you, either in treating symptoms of stress and burnout in yourself, or in supporting your colleagues, family or friends. Thank you for being an LCC employee.
If you have any questions regarding the training, please reach out to Human Resources Manager Sarah Velez at