Accessibility every day

Do you make a habit of using the “Check Accessibility” option within Microsoft Office every time you create a new document? Making documents accessible is easiest when you take the steps into account during creation. Simple things, like adding alternative text to images, using an easily readable font and hyperlinking email addresses, make a significant difference in your document readability for someone with low vision or blindness. It is every LCC employee’s responsibility to ensure the content we are creating every day is accessible to all consumers.

Not sure where to start? Did you know that LCC offers on-demand accessibility tips and tricks? Accessibility guidelines are available to all LCC employees.

Additionally, many LCC employees were given the opportunity to enrolled in the LinkedIn “inLearning” virtual training during spring 2020. If you have an inLearning account, there are many popular online, on-demand training options. Here are a couple suggestions to get you started:

If you are interested in setting up a LinkedIn inLearning account, please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence at 517-483-1680 to request access.

Are you more of a hands-on learner, or do you just have one specific question regarding a document you’re working on? The Center for Teaching Excellence and eLearning have staff available for one-on-one help!

For more information, visit LCC’s Accessibility Initiative, take the TMS course “Accessibility at LCC: Putting the Pieces Together” or email the ACQA team at