Tech Tip of the Week: Banner Admin Pages tab navigation shortcut

There is a keyboard shortcut to quickly navigate to different tabs on a page you are viewing in Banner Admin Pages. This tip is a little tricky, but can prove quite useful once you get the hang of it. It should work on any Banner Admin Pages with multiple tabs.
First, you need to be on a page in Banner Admin Pages that has multiple tabs. In this example, we have a page with four tabs. The shortcut command CNTL+SHIFT+{tab #} will take you to the tab you specify.

Screenshot of Banner Admin Pages showing four tabs

For example:

  1. Start in the key block and enter your search criteria.
  2. Use the Next Section Button (or use the keyboard shortcut Alt+PageDown) to populate the page and move your cursor into the tabs section. Note: This is the tricky part, which is to make sure your cursor is in the tab section.
  3. To navigate to the Section Enrollment Information tab, press CNTL+SHIFT+2. To navigate to the Meeting Times and Instructor tab, press CNTL+SHIFT+3. To navigate to the Section Preferences tab, press CNTL+SHIFT+4. To navigate back to the Course Section Information tab, press CNTL+SHIFT+1.

Note: The numbers in the screenshot were added for illustration purposes only. They will not display in Banner.

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