Academic Senate brainstorms possible leadership trainings

The Academic Senate discussed the need for more leadership training at LCC during their Oct. 8 meeting. They reviewed what they thought was essential in a potential training and what they wish they had known when they first stepped into a leadership role. Ideas discussed included Toastmasters, leading from behind, strengths finder tests, and training about LCC’s organizational structure and processes.
Other points of discussion included:

  • The Technology Across the Curriculum Committee reported they are looking at capabilities for hybrid meetings, where some employees are face-to-face and some are remote, as well as possible anti-plagiarism software.
  • The Committee for Assessing Student Learning is taking a three-pronged approach to “learning about student learning,” including an assessment lab for designing and implementing equitable assessments, an assessment research group to add to LCC’s body of knowledge, and a Blue workgroup studying questions for the new course evaluation tool.
  • The Student Advisory Committee is reviewing mental health resources for students, and developing social media pages for students to communicate with the student senators.
  • Fall election results are in! Beginning at the Senate’s next meeting, Danielle Savory will represent the HHS Division, Elizabeth Clifford will represent the Learning Commons, Mark Kelland will represent the Social Science and Humanities Department, and Tedd Sperling will serve as member-at-large.
  • ITS’ John Hendzel provided an overview of the Webex app’s features, and encouraged everyone to use it. He also directed employees to the Webex Essentials article for more information and step-by-step instructions.
  • The group gathered ideas for how to market the Academic Senate, to ensure employees know the Senate serves as a collective voice for faculty and staff from across the college. Senators discussed the need to talk about successes of the Senate as a body, such as launching the Open Educational Resources project, joining Achieving the Dream, adopting of the D2L gradebook, creating the preferred name initiative for students and employees, helping to develop a culture of transparency and care, and more.
  • Senators approved Curriculum Committee recommendations for CIMT course revisions to THEA 150, SOCL 120, PSYC 200 and BUSN 118, as well as moving ANTH 275 from a social science to natural science lab course on the Michigan Transfer Agreement. These recommendations now go to the provost for approval.

Finally, the Senate reviewed results of their small group discussion from last meeting, regarding proactive ideas to improve the college’s long-term trajectory. A consistent theme running through the small groups’ answers was the importance of understanding the next generation of students’ needs. Common suggestions included providing child care options on campus; investing in services like Academic Success Coaches, Counselors and Academic Advisors; providing or renting more needed technology, like laptops, to students; creating healthier and more affordable food options on campus; and much more. Other common discussion points involved future enrollment and demographic shifts, state appropriations, and ensuring LCC acts in a proactive rather than reactive fashion.
The Senate will next meeting 9-11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 22, via Webex. All employees are invited to attend. A link to the meeting will be included in the operations email on Monday, Oct. 18.