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Supporting the LCC mask requirement, and how to respond to non-compliance

As the pandemic continue to change, we are challenged by ever-evolving situations. For now, everyone on LCC’s campus is required to wear a mask. Depending on your role and location, you might be the one to remind someone to comply with this directive. The college supports you in this endeavor and would like to offer some guidelines to help you navigate this. The student Behavior Intervention Team, Center for Teaching Excellence, Human Resources and Public Safety have created the following suggestions.
First, don’t assume someone is choosing not to comply. If someone is late to a meeting or class, it can be easy to forget to put a mask back on in the frenzy. A friendly reminder may be all that is needed. If the person does not have a mask, offer them one. Masks are available in most departments and classrooms.
If the person states they have an accommodation, please proceed by having a conversation in private.
Do not ask or press them for a reason for their accommodation. For students, ask them for their Instructor Memo. If they do not have an Instructor Memo, email For employees, if they say they have an accommodation, respect that. Let the person know that because they are not wearing a mask, you will need to physically distance from them while you are in an LCC building. After talking with the employee, email, just noting the employee didn’t have a mask indoors on campus and stated they have an accommodation.
Student Compliance
Absent an approved accommodation to not wear a mask, if the student doesn’t comply at that point, continue to press in a non-judgmental way, stating consequences for choosing not to comply. Lastly, you can always get help from Public Safety if needed.
Here are some talking points for students, in escalating order:

  1. Try saying something like, “Hey, don’t forget to put your mask on indoors.”
  2. If the person does not put on a mask, you could say something like, “[Name], it is a requirement to wear a mask indoors. Please put on your mask, or unfortunately I’ll have to ask you to leave the building.”
  3. If this doesn’t work, try, “Your choices are to use your mask as required of us all, or to leave the building. If you choose neither of these options, I will be required to contact Public Safety to escort you out of the building.”

Most people are complying on their own, and very few reminders have been needed at this point, and even fewer issues have arisen from the requirement. The purpose of this message is to create a framework for consistent language and expectations across the college. 
Further information about de-escalation techniques will be available via a TMS training in the future.

For questions regarding the mask requirement, contact Carol Wolfinger at
For questions regarding student compliance issues, contact the Office for Student Compliance at or 517-483-1261. For questions regarding employee issues, contact Sarah Velez (MAHE concerns) at or Lisa Thomas (ESP, PTCTU, FOAP, FMA, AFT and non-bargaining concerns) at   
For questions regarding accommodations for students, contact the Center for Student Access at For questions regarding accommodations for employees, contact Human Resources at 517-483-1870.

Two people wearing masks talk on LCC's campus

Board of Trustees adopts resolution to support use of land acknowledgment

LCC will formally celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of every October, beginning Oct. 11, 2021, the Board of Trustees resolved at their Sept. 20 meeting. In addition, the adopted resolution acknowledges that the area comprising LCC’s campuses was originally inhabited by the Anishinaabeg – Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples.
The resolution created the following land acknowledgement statement, which can be used at LCC events, celebrations and activities, or printed in published materials. A land acknowledgement is a formal statement that recognizes and respects Indigenous peoples as traditional stewards of a given geographic area, and the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous peoples and their ancestral territories.
“Lansing Community College occupies the ancestral, traditional and contemporary lands of the Anishinaabeg – Three Fires Confederacy of Ojibwe, Odawa and Potawatomi peoples. In particular, the City of Lansing and LCC reside on land ceded in the 1819 Treaty of Saginaw. 
While all of our campuses are beautiful and inviting, we remember that we are guests as we walk on Mother Earth. As we delight in the sounds of the Grand River, we remember that this waterway has been used by the original inhabitants of this land daily for farming and transportation between Portland and Okemos.
We would like to take a moment to acknowledge our relationship to Indigenous communities, especially as we examine our relationship to our Indigenous faculty, staff and students, and their contributions to the LCC community. Each day, as we walk on each of our campuses, we remember that similar footsteps were walked along these same paths for generations before us. 
As we honor those who have walked these paths before us and the seven generations to come, we reflect on how we honor them in our interactions with Indigenous communities, the land and all of humankind.”
You can read the full resolution regarding Indigenous Peoples’ Day and the land acknowledgement in the Board’s meeting materials.
In addition, trustees approved:

  • Certification to the State of Michigan Budget Office that LCC is in compliance with at least four of the five best practices in each category of Michigan Public Act 165 of 2020, Section 230. This section contains the qualifications that must be met to receive a portion of the funds appropriated.
  • Revisions to 14 college policies, and the reinstatement of the “Credit and Non-Credit Courses” policy.
  • A three-year, $270,000 Blanket Purchase Order with Student Connections to provide student loan default and preventative services.
  • Fiscal Year 2021 year-end General Fund transfers and fund balance designations.
  • Lease agreements between LCC and the Mason-Jewett Airport hangar tenants.
  • A five-year, $295,000 Blanket Purchase Order with McGraw Hill Global Education for course materials to support specific accounting courses.
  • A three-year, $117,264 Blanket Purchase Order with Veeam Cloud Connect to create a cloud-based backup data repository at an off-site location.
  • A $119,000 one-time purchase with Moore Trosper Construction Company to procure the labor, equipment and materials necessary to build a motorcycle storage concrete pad at West Campus, in support of the college’s motorcycle safety course.
  • The appointment of Trustee Robert Proctor as a voting delegate to the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) Leadership Congress, and a letter of support for Trustee Angela Mathews to serve on the ACCT Diversity Committee.

Finally, the Board conducted first reads of the 2021 Five-Year Capital Outlay Plan and the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. They will vote on both of those plans at their October meeting. To read the plans, see the Board’s meeting materials.
The Board will next meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Oct. 25. Watch your email or visit the Board of Trustees website for details of the meeting.

LCC earns gold level in the Veteran-Friendly Schools program

LCC has been recognized as a gold-level Veteran-Friendly School by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA). The agency’s Veteran-Friendly Schools program recognizes colleges and universities committed to supporting the needs of veteran and military-connected students.
In the past, LCC was named a silver-level school. We were upgraded to a gold-level school for the 2021-2022 academic year in recognition of the great work of our Office of Veteran and Military Affairs and others around the college.
Becoming a gold-level school means the state has determined LCC meets six or more of the following criteria:

  • Established process for identifying student veterans
  • Veteran-specific website
  • Active, student-operated veterans club or association
  • Veteran-specific career services, resources, advising and/or outcome monitoring
  • On-campus veteran’s coordinator and/or designated staff point of contact
  • System to evaluate and award credit based on military training and experience
  • Monitoring and evaluation system for student veteran academic retention, transfer and graduation rates

Congratulations to our Office of Veteran and Military Affairs, and thank you to all employees who teach and work with veteran students.

A military family on LCC's Downtown Campus.

Human Resources welcomes new labor relations manager

Lisa Thomas joined the Labor Relations team as the Human Resources Manager for Labor Relations and Organizational Development on Aug. 23. She brings more than six years of experience in higher education, having worked for the University of North Georgia, University of Northern Iowa and Virginia Tech.

She holds a Doctorate of Education in Higher Education Leadership from Maryville University and a Master of Science in Human Resources for Western Carolina University. She has a wealth of experience in Title IX, as well as in investigating concerns of discrimination and harassment for employees and students.

In her free time, Thomas enjoys reading historical fiction novels, listening to true crime podcasts and spending time with her family. She is very excited to be part of LCC and the Human Resources Labor Relations team.

College brings Marilyn Twine back as Public Relations director

Marilyn Twine resumed as LCC’s Public Relations director on Monday, Sept. 13. She previously served in the same role from October 2017 to May 2021. We are thrilled to have her back!
As director, Twine is the college’s primary spokesperson to the media. She works with reporters on proactive and reactive stories, and is broadly responsible for protecting the image and reputation of the college with the public.
In addition to Twine’s return, the Public Relations Office has grown. It was previously an office of one, but a reorganization recently brought two team members in to work with Twine.

  • Andy Brent, who began as a marketing coordinator in the college’s Marketing Department in July 2017, now serves as the public relations coordinator. This is a new position for the college. In this role, Brent will help oversee the college’s “voice” to our community and external audiences.
  • Karen Tommasulo continues in her role as internal communications coordinator, but that position is now located within the Public Relations Office. Tommasulo is responsible for oversight of the college’s mass communications with employees and students. She joined LCC in July 2016.

In the future, the college hopes to expand the Public Relations Office further with the hiring of a digital media specialist, who will oversee strategy and procedures for the college’s social media.
If you receive press inquiries or otherwise need assistance, please reach out to Marilyn Twine at

LCC employees selected for fellowship by Harvard’s Center for Education Policy Research

Two Center for Data Science employees were recently selected as fellows for a project by Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research, funded by the ECMC Foundation. Wyl McCully and Karen Hicks were two of only 20 fellows selected nationwide. Their project is designed to improve alignment between LCC’s academic offerings and the job market.
Using Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes and Standard Occupational Codes (SOC), McCully and Hicks’ project will work with LCC faculty in occupational programs to create precise, accurate crosswalks between academic programs and careers. Their process will explore potential steps students can take, providing not only an understanding of entry-level jobs, but also how far students could advance before needing to pursue additional education.
Once the first part of the project is complete, McCully will work with area employers to understand what they want from graduates, while Hicks will work with faculty to align student learning outcomes and assessments.
When complete, LCC will have a process to continuously pursue our understanding of how to best prepare occupational students academically to meet local workforce needs.
According to McCully, the goal of the project is to “identify and capitalize on what each program, course and objective contributes to LCC, and how those contributions can improve the Lansing community.” The fellowship will wrap up at the end of the academic year, and the college will share results in The Star shortly thereafter.
To further support this project, LCC is incorporating it as one of the proposed projects within the Competitiveness and Innovation focus area of the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan, which will go before the Board of Trustees at their Sept. 20 meeting.
Congratulations to Karen and Wyl for their selection for this prestigious fellowship.

Visit our Dental Hygiene clinic for $40 cleanings

Affordable dental care is available from LCC’s Dental Hygiene students. No insurance is required, and you get a cleaning, exam, fluoride and even radiographs, if needed, for $40. The clinic is open 8 a.m.-noon and 1-5 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays in the HHS Building, room 107.
The same services are only $35 for seniors 60 and older and $25 for students with ID and children 17 and younger.
As with all LCC services and buildings, a mask must be worn indoors. Please do not come in if you are ill or experiencing any symptoms, even if you’re confident it’s not COVID-19.
Learn more, and schedule an appointment by calling 517-483-1458.

A student examines a patient at LCC's Dental Hygiene clinic in 2018.

Accounting Services introduces new dynamic form

Accounts Payable is introducing a new process to submit invoices that do not have an accompanying purchase order. These invoices were formerly paid with a Check Request Voucher (CRV) form or by the Direct Pay process. Beginning today, please use the new Direct Pay Dynamic Form link on the Accounting Services webpage. This form will collect the same information that was required by the old processes and allow the invoice and needed back up to be attached to the dynamic form. It will then be electronically sent to the appropriate supervisor for approval before moving on to Accounts Payable.
To access the new electronic form, click the orange plus sign next to “Direct Pay Dynamic Form” on the Accounting Services webpage, then click the Direct Pay Dynamic Form link. There are instructions on the form to guide you through completing the information required and uploading the invoice/receipt attachments. With the new dynamic form process, invoices and supervisor approvals no longer need to be emailed to
If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact Megan Garrett or Francis Burch in Accounting for assistance. Accounting will also be reaching out to departments to guide them through this new process.

Unsolved mysteries of the LCC Archives

No matter how short or long your time at LCC has been, we’re hoping you’ll reach into your memory banks and share with us what you know about the image below. Any bit of information about the image is helpful, including the location, the event, a person or a random story related to it.
Send information, including the image number, to Linnea Knapp, Records Information Specialist,, and perhaps you can help solve a mystery. Learn more about the LCC Archives and learn what mysteries have been solved about images previously featured in The Star.

IMG #079 – LCC Individuals

IMG #079 - LCC Individuals