Introducing Tech Tip of the Week

Have you ever had a moment where someone is sharing their screen and you see them do something you had no idea you could do in that program? Something that gives you that “Aha!” feeling and now you can’t wait to use that new trick? Where you feel one of your system tasks are forever changed for the better because of one little tip?
The systems we use to manage our daily tasks at work and home are consistently improving. These improvements are all around us and it is hard to keep up. Today, we are launching a new standing article in The Star to highlight these little technical tips, titled “Tech Tip of the Week.” These are small tips that some of us may use and take for granted, but could give others that “Aha!” moment and make their daily tasks easier.
We have a short list of some tips that we plan to share over the next few weeks, such as:

  • Excel – How to transpose data in excel
  • Excel – How to perform text to columns or format a delimited file
  • Outlook – How to quickly take an email and schedule it as a task or calendar entry
  • Microsoft – How to add the email shortcut to your Quick Access Email
  • WebEx – How to mute alerts in your WebEx meeting
  • Banner – Shortcut to populate the current date in date fields

Each article will have a short description to highlight the Tech Tip of the Week and will link you to a more detailed article in our 5Star Knowledge Database. We have dedicated a Knowledge Base category for Tech Tips, so these tips can continue to be accessed after they are published.

Screenshot showing the new Tech Tips section in the 5Star Knowledge Base

Do you have a technical tip or shortcut you use? We want to hear from you to help us grow this knowledge database and highlight it to share with others. You can submit your idea for Tech Tip of the Week online.
You can also access the Tech Tip submission form at any time from the 5Star Service Center home page.

Screenshot of 5Star homepage, showing the "Submit to Tech Tips" box