All employees invited to climate survey meeting this week

The college is hosting a second informational meetings about results of our Higher Education Survey of Employee Engagement (HESEE) this week. We conducted this anonymous survey in March and April 2021. All employees were invited to participate, and 675 of you did. Thank you for your feedback!
The meeting will include a question and answer session, and is open to all employees. It will be held 9-11 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 29.

HESEE provides the college with scores for 12 different categories, or “constructs,” that drive organizational performance and engagement. The scores for the constructs are then averaged together to provide an overall score. A score of 350 or higher is considered the goal, and scores greater than 400 are indicative of a highly engaged workforce. The construct scores are also used to steer the college toward areas for further analysis and concentrated effort. We use the scores, in part, to select and prioritize the projects that drive our Strategic Plan.

LCC has improved considerably since our first use of this survey, with an improvement in our overall score from 346 in 2014 to a respectable 382 in 2021. Our highest scores relate to workplace, supervision and information systems.

Although the college has improved some construct scores to the ideal 400 range, there is still plenty of work to be done. The construct scores related to pay, benefits and internal communication have improved considerably since 2014, but remain our lowest scores and require some additional attention.

You can read our entire executive summary online. It includes more information about how the 12 constructs are defined, as well as a breakdown of responses to each question.