Accounting Services introduces new dynamic form

Accounts Payable is introducing a new process to submit invoices that do not have an accompanying purchase order. These invoices were formerly paid with a Check Request Voucher (CRV) form or by the Direct Pay process. Beginning today, please use the new Direct Pay Dynamic Form link on the Accounting Services webpage. This form will collect the same information that was required by the old processes and allow the invoice and needed back up to be attached to the dynamic form. It will then be electronically sent to the appropriate supervisor for approval before moving on to Accounts Payable.
To access the new electronic form, click the orange plus sign next to “Direct Pay Dynamic Form” on the Accounting Services webpage, then click the Direct Pay Dynamic Form link. There are instructions on the form to guide you through completing the information required and uploading the invoice/receipt attachments. With the new dynamic form process, invoices and supervisor approvals no longer need to be emailed to
If you have any questions about completing this form, please contact Megan Garrett or Francis Burch in Accounting for assistance. Accounting will also be reaching out to departments to guide them through this new process.