Academic Senate discusses communication with constituents

Academic senators met in small groups during their Sept. 10 meeting to brainstorm ways to share information from meetings with their constituents, and to gather ideas and questions from their constituents to share back to the full Senate. Many senators expressed their desire to facilitate more two-way communication with constituents in their departments and programs in the future.
The Senate also invited LCC Director of Assessment Karen Hicks to speak about two upcoming options for getting involved in what she called “student learning research.” She is gathering a group of faculty who are interested in diving deep into how their students are assessed as part of a yearlong Student Learning Assessment Design Lab. Additionally, all senators are going to be invited to participate in a mid-semester course evaluation, similar to the Blue course evaluations currently filled out by students at the end of each semester. The mid-semester evaluation will allow faculty to receive prompt feedback and make any needed adjustments to the class, Hicks said.
Centre of Engaged Inclusion Coordinator Laura Orta also attended the meeting to explain the work of the Centre. The Centre began in 2013 and is now the premier place on campus dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive atmosphere, she said. Employees and students have numerous opportunities to get involved in trainings and events. Some opportunities will include:

  • Trainings through the TMS run by a third-party leader in diversity training called EVERFI, including monthly SafeZone trainings
  • Beyond the Book reading selections, book discussions and events
  • Digital Badging and Micro-Credentialing, for those who want to continue their training beyond the EVERFI offerings
  • Inclusion Advocates, who serve on college search committees
  • Faculty Fellows for Inclusive Excellence, who help to co-lead the development and implementation of inclusive excellence initiatives
  • RISE Institute (Reframing Inclusion through Scholarship and Equity)

In addition, Center for Teaching Excellence Director Megan Lin shared some of the lessons LCC employees said they had learned during the pandemic. Senators and other employees anonymously recorded their thoughts on a Google Doc that will be preserved.
The Senate will next meet 9-11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 24, via Webex. All employees are invited to attend. A link to the meeting will be included in the operations email on Monday, Sept. 20.