Supervisors of student employees: Employment eligibility

As a reminder to supervisors and hiring managers, please note the following student employment eligibility requirements for the end of the summer semester and beginning of the fall semester. Please share this information with your respective student staff and department colleagues as needed.
End of summer semester, if the student is enrolled summer but will not meet the upcoming fall semester enrollment requirement:

  • The student’s last work date must be on or before Aug. 18.

End of summer semester, if the student is enrolled summer and will meet the upcoming fall semester enrollment requirement:

  • The student is eligible to work during the break between their summer course end date and fall semester start date of Aug. 19.

New student staff hires beginning fall semester, if student is not enrolled summer but will meet the fall semester enrollment requirement:

  • A student who meets the fall semester enrollment requirement, but not the summer semester enrollment requirement, may begin working as early as Aug. 22, assuming the hired/rehired student’s been approved to work and successfully completes New Employee Orientation (NEO), per HR approval.

Fall semester payroll deductions:

  • Students will remain eligible for the FICA exemption during the time after summer courses end, from Aug. 10-18, as long as the fall enrollment requirements are met.
  • Credit requirements for the summer and fall semesters must be met in order to maintain exemption from FICA and MPSERS. Failure to do so will result in automatic enrollment and payroll withholdings.
  • Students with a first date worked prior to July 2, 2018, who are registered for at least 6.0 credits in summer semester and 12.0 credits in the fall semester will not be required to pay into MPSERS during the timeframe the student is enrolled and actively attending class.
  • Students with a first date worked on or after July 2, 2018, are not eligible to participate in MPSERS.

Questions related to deductions, withholdings, FICA and/or MPSERS rules should be directed to the Payroll main office at or 517-483-1799. Questions pertaining to minimum enrollment/attendance requirements, student eligibility status and start/end work dates may be sent to the Student Employment Coordinator in Financial Aid at