Reminders about fall semester payment plans and tuition waiver benefits

Students can now sign up for fall semester payment plans. Due dates to sign up for a plan or pay in full are based on registration date.

  • Register May 10-July 25 = Due Aug. 2
  • Register July 26-Aug. 1 = Due Aug. 9
  • Register Aug. 2-8 = Due Aug. 16
  • Register Aug. 9 or later = Due Aug. 23
  • Register late = Due within one business day

Students who have authorized financial aid, but not enough to cover the balance due, will need to:

  • Pay any difference in full; or,
  • Enroll in a payment plan to conveniently budget payments. To sign up, students should log into Banner Self-Service and select “Student Finance/TouchNet.” Failure to sign up or pay in full could result in students getting dropped from their courses.

Employees who use their tuition waiver benefit for themselves or a dependent student must complete two steps:

  1. Pay in full or sign up for the “employee sponsored” payment plan; and,
  2. Fill out the tuition waiver form prior to the start date of the requested course(s)

Approved tuition waiver request forms will be processed by Student Finance starting after the 50% refund date, and the tuition portion will be refunded to the student’s account. Fees are not covered by the tuition waiver benefit.
As a reminder, LCC no longer requires students with full and verified financial aid to sign up for payment plans. That requirement ended last fall to help eliminate student confusion.
Another recent change in the payment plan process: Students can be dropped from part-of-term courses after the official start of the semester. The college runs periodic drops of students who register for late-start or part-of-term courses after the last published due date and drop, and then never follow through to pay their bill. Students in this situation will receive multiple emails, robo calls and personal outreach prior to any drop. This closes a loophole that allowed some students to avoid paying their bill.
Visit the LCC Payments webpage for detailed payment plan information.