College piloting first-day textbook access in D2L

The college is piloting a new model of textbook delivery in the fall 2021 semester. The program, called First Day inclusive access, is designed to guarantee all students have access to course materials from the first day of class. The First Day inclusive access model places all textbooks and materials digitally in D2L, providing first-day access. In addition to this early access, students can highlight, annotate, bookmark and more from inside D2L.

Faculty also have additional, helpful tools within D2L. First Day inclusive access includes a faculty dashboard with information like which students have accessed the text, total student usage and more.

The student cost for inclusive access digital textbooks is less than for traditional textbooks. Students can opt out of the program if they prefer to get their book elsewhere, but that is generally more expensive. Students who do not opt out will have the cost charged directly to their student account, meaning they can pay using their financial aid, payment plan or online payment on their account.

Please note: Faculty do NOT need to change their textbook for this program. Most books are available for First Day inclusive access, and classes with First Day inclusive access will automatically be enrolled if we scale up to full-college participation. If the book for a particular course is not available within First Day inclusive access, students can purchase the text through the bookstore as they normally would. Courses with customized textbooks may also be able to participate in inclusive access. Barnes & Noble College (formerly called MBS) will work with publishers of customized textbooks.

If everything goes well with the pilot this fall, the college plans to roll out First Day inclusive access for all courses in spring 2022. For more information, please review the Frequently Asked Questions provided by Barnes & Noble College. More LCC-specific information will roll out as we work through the pilot.