Students can now apply for federal grants worth $1,000

Federal grants are now available to help students pay for pandemic expenses. The money comes from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF), which provided money to colleges across the country to help students during the pandemic.

To apply, students should fill out this form by July 9. A FAFSA is not required to apply, but students must be a U.S. citizen or a noncitizen who is eligible for federal financial aid. Dual enrolled and High School Degree Completion Initiative Program students are also not eligible.

Students can use the grant to cover educational costs like tuition, fees, housing, books, supplies and transportation as well as emergency costs due to the ongoing pandemic like food, technology, health care, mental health care or child care.

Funds will be sent directly to students according to their established refund preference, which is the quickest way to receive a refund.

Earlier this month, LCC automatically sent these grants to students who demonstrate exceptional financial need through the FAFSA. Students who already received the summer semester grant are not eligible for additional funding at this time. However, students who received similar funding during the spring semester are eligible and encouraged to apply again.