Full list of Experience Starpower Awards Showcase nominees

Beyond the 10 people we are able to honor at this year’s Experience Starpower Awards Showcase, more than 50 deserving colleagues were nominated. Congratulations to all of you, and thank you for your service!

Nominees include: Andy Lindeman, Sally Welch, Seleana Samuel, Shon’ta Dwyer, Becky Zuniga, Anthony Greenburg, Matt Boeve, Holly Schaeffer, Brian Bishop, Jon Ten Brink, Shannon Scott, Sid Mosley, Connie Smith, Danya Thomsen, Dawn Cousino, Kelly Ellis, Linda Hamlin, Mara Fisher, Mari Croze, Mindy Ray, Sarah Garcia-Linz, Tim Baker, Jonathan Rosewood, LCC History Program, Nina Favor, Angie Butterwick, Erin Matesich, Jeremy O’Malley, Karen Rohlman, Kathy Smith, Monica Torres, Penny Tucker, Scott Nigoff, Wyn Wilson, Steve Kimball, Amalia Gonzales, Skye Rivett, Leah Bloomquist, Tonya Bailey, Fire Academy Faculty and Lazarius Lane.