A round of Applause! for Maria Johnson, Leslie Mohnke and Kelly Sakkinen

This week, we’re applauding the Math and Computer Science Program Faculty Chairs.

“Our Program Faculty Chairs (PFCs Maria Johnson, Leslie Mohnke and Kelly Sakkinen) have done an outstanding job bringing our department together and keeping things running efficiently throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” Jing Wang wrote in the award. “The PFCs created, update and monitor a department course site in D2L for asynchronous communication, so faculty members can share and stay current with all needed material and information regarding departmental issues. Using their ingenuity, our PFCs found various methods to conduct interactive WebEx departmental meetings, ensuring all meetings have been productive, informational and enjoyable. Our PFCs, of course, also have their classes to teach, which means they have spent extra hours and gone far above and beyond the normal expectations of this position throughout the pandemic to make sure the department has run smoothly. We cannot thank them enough for their dedication and service.”

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