City of Lansing annual tax filing during remote work environment

LCC is required to withhold City of Lansing taxes at the rate of ½% for non-residents and 1% for residents during the 2020 calendar year. Non-residents will have the opportunity to exclude wages earned outside of the city limits while working from home during the pandemic at the time of their annual filing.
Non-resident employees will need to complete a 2020 L-1040 Wage Allocation/Excludable Wages form to request a refund of taxes withheld for wages earned outside the city limits. Documentation confirming dates worked remotely must be attached to the annual return at the time of filing. Links to two examples of documentation have been included with this message. These documents are also located on the Payroll Public Drive.

  1. City of Lansing Non-Resident Hours Log – Complete this document if your work days and/or hours have varied between on- and off-campus since March 18, 2020.
  2. City of Lansing – Remote Environment Letter – Fill in employee name and have it signed by supervisor confirming the dates worked remotely. Please adjust the date span(s), as appropriate, if work schedule has varied between on- and off-campus since March 18, 2020.

LCC does not provide tax advice. LCC’s Payroll Department associates are not tax or legal advisors. Please contact your personal financial or tax advisor with questions on how to complete your annual City of Lansing tax return.