Retroactive pay to be included in Jan. 29 paycheck

In their Jan. 29 paycheck, employees will receive a lump sum payment to reflect any salary increase that was scheduled between July 1 and Dec. 27, 2020. This payment reflects the Board of Trustees’ December 2020 vote to reinstate pay increases that had been canceled in June based on projected decreases in enrollment and state appropriations for the year.

As the year progressed, however, actual revenue from fall enrollment and state appropriations exceeded June 2020 revenue projections. In total, revenue was about $4.8 million higher than anticipated, allowing the college to reinstate funding for some priorities, including employee pay increases.

Employees should also have seen the implementation of any regularly scheduled increase in pay in their Jan. 15 paycheck. Most employees receive an annual pay increase near their anniversary of employment, but your situation will vary depending on your position, union and year of hire. Questions regarding these payments may be referred to the employee concerns mailbox,

Thank you to our expert Payroll and Compensation professionals for completing pay calculations for employees two weeks sooner than anticipated! We appreciate your quick work.