Links for strategic planning Fridays

It’s time to build our next strategic plan! Join us for our annual “February Fridays” to brainstorm and discuss how we can make LCC a better place to learn and work. Each Friday during February, we will host virtual meetings with all interested employees to fully understand our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to gather ideas for improvement. After talking with employees, the college will host listening sessions with students and community members in March.
At this point in the planning process, leadership is considering a three-year strategic plan “refresh.” This plan will include the same five focus areas as our 2017-2021 strategic plan, but will add a sixth specifically dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. In addition, DEI will be woven throughout the other focus areas in recognition that equity and representation are not secondary to student and employee success, but are essential. We also plan to spend significant energy ensuring all projects resulting from the strategic plan have measurable outcomes that allow us to make data-driven decisions for our students. To assist in the conversation, please review the 2017-2021 strategic plan and Equity Action Plan prior to the meetings.
To make this process successful, we need a wide variety of representation from across the college – faculty and staff, as well as adjuncts, part-time and full-time. We cannot build a successful, inclusive and proactive plan without you!
The planned schedule of events is below. Each event name is linked to the correct Webex event, so you can use this list to get into the meetings on the day of. The password for every Webex Meeting is: Planning

Please note: All events will now be held on both Webex and YouTube Live, allowing for an unlimited number of participants. However, all events apart from the Feb. 5 Celebration and Kick-Off Event will include breakout sessions to facilitate easier conversations. These sessions can only take place on Webex, which is limited to the first 200 participants. Any participants engaged via YouTube Live can use the chat feature to type comments, but YouTube Live does not support two-way video and audio. We appreciate your understanding as we try to offer the best option within the confines of the technology we have available.
If you would like to provide thoughts or feedback but cannot attend the relevant session, please email by close of business March 12.
We also plan to gather input from students and the community. Those listening sessions will be held via Webex and will also stream on YouTube Live.

After all feedback has been gathered, the college will host a follow-up and workgroup sign-up meeting. Stay tuned for details on that event.