New LCC acronym and term dictionary available

Like all other workplaces, LCC’s culture includes acronyms, initialisms, phrases and terms. It can become second nature to say or write things in an abbreviated way, but these shortcuts can sometimes cause misunderstandings or slow the comprehension of the listener.
We’re proud to announce the release of an updated tool to help clarify the common (and uncommon!) abbreviations and terms used at LCC. The “LCC Acronyms and General Term Dictionary” was created by combining the LCC Acronym Glossary and the LCC Data Glossary into one, non-exhaustive document containing acronyms, initialisms, phrases, abbreviations and common general terms used by employees and students at LCC.
The “LCC Acronyms and General Term Dictionary” can be found on the Data Governance Committee website, on the “Dictionary” tab.
This is a “living document” that will be updated regularly as items change or need to be added or removed. If you have any items you’d like to add or if you have comments, questions or suggestions about the document, please contact Records Information Specialist Linnea Knapp at 517-483-1676 or, or the Center for Data Science’s Terri Christian at 517-483-1123 or