We Shall Overcome: Join LCC’s first virtual choir event!

You are invited to participate in LCC’s first virtual choir event! LCC faculty, staff and students are all welcome to lend their voices in singing “We Shall Overcome” as a sign of unity, determination and hope.

Led by Music Program faculty chair Dr. Jonathan Ten Brink, the virtual choir event will combine up to 40 submissions into a single performance to be released in December, during finals week.

You do not need to be a professional singer to participate! You’ll receive the music and a video of somebody singing your part so you can sing along. All you need to do is get comfortable with the music and then record a video of yourself singing along (using headphones) from the comfort of your own home. Our editing team will take all the individual voices and videos and put them together into a cohesive group performance. While you’ll be recording alone, you’ll be performing with dozens.

From Jon: “Sure, we all hate hearing our own voices, but you’ll be joining with others and won’t stand out, I promise!”

If you haven’t seen a virtual choir project, check out this example of a pretty ambitious one, featuring more than 17,000 singers from nearly 130 countries. We’re not looking for those kinds of numbers this time around! To keep it manageable, the first 40 people to submit a video will be included. There may be a future opportunity to participate if it fills up quickly.

If you are interested, please contact Jon at tenbrinj@star.lcc.edu. Please share this information with your students, too. Videos need to be received by Nov. 16 to be included.

This has been a tough year with some big hurdles to stability, success and community. Despite all the obstacles that have come our way, we as an LCC community will persevere, overcome and thrive!