Show us your Halloween costume!

All employees are welcome to dress up in their costumes and post a photo to the Experience #Starpower Halloween Costume Contest Padlet. The costume categories are all in the family, a Very Brady Halloween, pets, celebrity look-alike, going it alone, funniest, do it yourself, make-up art and masks! 
How to participate:

  1. Create your own Padlet account. Padlet is a sort of virtual bulletin board to gather and share ideas. If you have an account already, you can post using that account (this will help us see who posts pictures on our end).
  2. View all the categories in the Halloween Costume Contest Padlet by scrolling to the right of the Padlet page. You may also need to scroll down to see all of the images.
  3. Dress up in your costume, take photos, and submit to a category of your choice.
  4. Check back in to view your colleague’s photos and like your favorites! You can only “like” a photo once, but you can “like” as many as you want! We will announce the winning photos for each category at the end of the contest, based on the most “likes.”

Note: Names will not be displayed above photos, and you may post as many costume photos as you would like to the various categories. Group costumes are welcome! The contest is just for fun and all posts are subject to approval. Please keep posts non-political and work-appropriate.

Photos will be accepted until Nov. 6.