Reminder: Do you use a personal computer for work? Be sure to transition from VPN to VDI by Monday

If you use a personal computer to connect to LCC using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), you will need to transition to a virtual desktop (otherwise known as VDI) by Monday, Nov. 2. If you are using a LCC-issued computer, no action is needed. Further information can be found online.

Employees who lack an LCC-issued computer and would like to access network drives (H:, N:, and others), office printers, or on-campus applications while working off campus can now access LCC resources through a virtual desktop on their personal computers. A virtual desktop doesn’t take the place of your computer. It’s a tool that allows you secure, remote access to LCC’s network for certain computer activities. The virtual desktop behaves exactly like any other application running on your desktop and can be minimized or shrunk, allowing multitasking between other applications and the virtual desktop.

Even with a VDI in place, some computer activities are still better performed using your computer’s browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge) than they are using a virtual desktop, since virtual desktops add some latency that causes issues with webcams and virtual phones.  

Further information about VDIs can be found in the 5Star Service Center. If you have any questions, please contact Paul Schwartz, Director of Information Security, at