A round of Applause! for Center for Student Support’s Sue Muma

This week, we’re applauding Sue Muma, the associate dean of the Center for Student Support.

“Before we began to work remotely, Sue had brainstorming sessions with the Center for Student Support staff on what we would need to work remotely,” Vanessa Bell wrote in the award. “When it was announced that we would be working remotely, we were prepared to make sure students were still afforded the same services as they would during a face-to-face encounter. During this time, Sue has made every effort to keep us just as connected as we were on campus. She sends ‘Daily Updates’ emails to keep us informed about important discussions, decisions and resources for us and ones we can share with students. They also give us a glimpse into Sue’s life away from LCC with pictures and stories. She does a temperature check and encourages us to reach out to each other and other colleagues. She issues challenges that are achievable and fun! Having Sue as the leader of our area has made this time more bearable. It helps to know she cares about us, and the feeling is reciprocated.”

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