All employees using an LCC-owned computer need to connect to VPN as soon as possible

If you are using an LCC-owned computer or other device during our time of remote work, you MUST connect your machine to the VPN as soon as possible, with a deadline of May 10.
For security, our network infrastructure requires a login to the network every 30 days, with one 29 day grace period. Before 59 days are up, all machines that have been powered on need to connect the VPN so the network can run a utility called gpupdate. If your machine is not connected by VPN sometime prior to May 10, it will be unable to communicate with the network when we return to campus. If you fail to act, you will need to schedule a visit with the PC Technicians before your computer will work correctly on campus again.
When you connect to the VPN, gpupdate will run automatically. You need to leave your computer connected to the VPN for at least one hour to allow the update to run. As an additional benefit to completing this process, you will notice your LCC computer is mapping your network drives automatically, just as it does on campus.
If you have any questions or need assistance with your VPN, please contact the LCC Help Desk at 517-483-5221 or