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A round of Applause! for Center for Student Support’s Sue Muma

This week, we’re applauding Sue Muma, the associate dean of the Center for Student Support.

“Before we began to work remotely, Sue had brainstorming sessions with the Center for Student Support staff on what we would need to work remotely,” Vanessa Bell wrote in the award. “When it was announced that we would be working remotely, we were prepared to make sure students were still afforded the same services as they would during a face-to-face encounter. During this time, Sue has made every effort to keep us just as connected as we were on campus. She sends ‘Daily Updates’ emails to keep us informed about important discussions, decisions and resources for us and ones we can share with students. They also give us a glimpse into Sue’s life away from LCC with pictures and stories. She does a temperature check and encourages us to reach out to each other and other colleagues. She issues challenges that are achievable and fun! Having Sue as the leader of our area has made this time more bearable. It helps to know she cares about us, and the feeling is reciprocated.”

This regular “Applause!” column features the good work you and your colleagues do around the college. It’s powered by Applause! Awards, an LCC-wide program designed to recognize you for providing excellent customer service. Know someone who deserves to be featured here? All awards are given by employees, to employees, and everyone is eligible.

In the news

Press clips for the week include:

College continuing plans for staying safe during eventual return to on-campus work and school

As Michigan begins to ease its stay-at-home order, LCC continues to plan for how to safely operate in a face-to-face environment.
Most classes will be taught online during the fall, which will help limit the number of people on campus at any time and allow for proper social distancing. Here are a few other things we know about our eventual return to campus, although we are still working out many details:

  • Our in-person return to campus will be staggered. This will allow those with a greater need for in-person work to have more space to work on campus, while those who can effectively complete their work from home remain off campus.
  • Employees and students will be required to wear masks or some sort of face covering while on campus for the foreseeable future.
  • Our top priority is the health and safety of our students and employees, and that will guide decision-making.

The Business Resumption Task Force and Incident Command Team continue to meet weekly. At this time, only employees who have been deemed “essential” or who otherwise have permission from their Executive Leadership Team member can report to campus in person. Any employee reporting to campus is required to complete a health screening questionnaire before arriving, wear a face covering, maintain at least six feet of distance from others, and check in and out with Public Safety.
We will continue to keep you updated on the college’s progress toward business resumption. Keep an eye on The Star and other communication tools for regular messages.

eLearning offering live sessions for students and employees this summer

Instructor topics
Presented and recorded noon-1 p.m. Tuesdays.

Student topics
Presented and recorded noon-1 p.m. Thursdays.

More than 1,250 students have received CARES Act funding from college

LCC has distributed more than $1 million of the student portion of our CARES Act funding, benefitting more than 1,250 Stars. The money came from $2.9 million the college received from the federal government’s Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economy Security (CARES) Act to provide emergency cash grants to students. Eligible students who have expenses related to the disruption of campus services due to LCC’s move to a remote environment were invited to apply.

Beyond the money already distributed, the college hopes to provide funding to hundreds of additional students who applied but still need to provide more information or complete a final step. In addition, new applications continue to come in every day.

The CARES Act application also asked about students’ non-academic needs. From those applications, the college referred more than 2,300 students to Academic Success Coaches for assistance with health care concerns, job loss, rent/mortgage payments, and transportation issues. About 1,600 students were referred to the Counseling team for assistance with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. More than 1,700 students were referred to the Financial Aid team for assistance with job loss or reduction in work hours for themselves or a member of the household.

Thank you to the entire team involved in creating this process, reviewing applications and working with students. Your work is appreciated and is making a difference in students’ lives!

Unsolved mysteries of the LCC Archives

No matter how short or long your time at LCC has been, we’re hoping you’ll reach into your memory banks and share with us what you know about the image below. Any bit of information about the image is helpful, including the location, the event, a person or a random story related to it.
Send information, including the image number, to Linnea Knapp, Records Information Specialist,, and perhaps you can help solve a mystery.
Image #002 – President Gannon and the Board of Trustees

President Gannon and the Board of Trustees

Set your own 30-day challenge

In the new, remote LCC atmosphere, we have the opportunity to make our lives better. As our old routines give way to new ones and we seize opportunities presented to us, we have a chance to try something new. One way to do this is by learning a new skill or developing good habits through a 30-day challenge.
Inspired by Matt Cutt’s TED talk, we would like for you to take up the Experience Starpower 30-day challenge. A 30-day challenge is the opportunity to intentionally pick something new and do it every day for 30 days. Is there something you’ve always meant to do or wanted to do, but just haven’t? Try it for 30 days. You don’t have to go overboard; even a simple 10 minutes each day is good.
What you do isn’t as important as doing something every single day. For example, ITS’ Director of Enterprise Systems Bill Garlick always wanted to learn how to draw. Every day for 30 days, he spent 15-20 minutes learning to draw. After those 30 days, he came to the realization that becoming an artist just takes practice. Here are some ideas for your 30-day challenge:

  • Nutrition – One Meal a Day: Change your current habits for one meal each day, like not drinking pop or having one less helping.
  • Fitness – One Workout a Day: Do something physically active for at least 10 minutes a day, like running 1 mile or dancing along to a music video.
  • Mindset – The Daily Journal: Write in a journal the things that make you wonderfully unique as a person. What makes you awesome?
  • Inspiration – Watch a TED Talk video: Get a dose of daily inspiration by watching a TED Talk video every day.
  • Lifestyle – Social media detox: Limit your social media browsing to 15 minutes per day.
  • Knowledge – Read 20 pages of a book: Dust off a book on your shelf and set a daily reading goal.

More examples can be found online.
Let’s start our 30-day challenge on June 1. At the end of the month, on June 30, send your 30-day challenge results, accomplishments, stories or picture to the Experience Starpower Team at We will include your new accomplishment in a future edition of The Star. You can make profound changes in your life in just 30 days!

Fall Tuition Waiver Request Form now available

The Fall 2020 Tuition Waiver Request Forms are now available. The Tuition Waiver Request Form is a major step in the Tuition Waiver Process and is due before the start date of any courses for which you or your dependents are requesting the use of your tuition waiver credits. If the request is for a non-credit course or youth program, please submit the form at least two weeks prior to the start of the course or program to allow proper time for processing.

The most current forms for fall semester and lots of other helpful information about the Tuition Waiver Process can be accessed through the “Tuition Waiver” link on your myLCC Work tab.

Important reminder: Solely selecting the “Employee Sponsored Payment Plan” does NOT guarantee approval and processing of your tuition waiver credits. You also MUST complete the applicable Tuition Waiver Request Form by the deadline to use your tuition waiver credits.

Please contact Mara Fisher at with any Tuition Waiver questions.