Three types of course offerings planned for fall 2020

Planning for the fall semester is underway, with registration opening May 18. The college expects fall course offerings to fit into three types.

  • Online (ON): Traditional, asynchronous online courses
  • Online Real-Time (ORT): Synchronous, virtual live class sessions, with scheduled days and times for lecture
  • Online hybrid hands-on lab courses: Some courses include hands-on components that cannot be completed in a virtual world. For these courses, the college is looking at two possibilities. The first is 16-week hybrid courses that begin online in August and move to face-to-face when possible. The second is 8- or 10-week accelerated, face-to-face courses that begin in October. If we cannot teach on campus this fall, these courses will be canceled.

A majority of the course offerings will fit in the first two categories. The third, hybrid category will be limited to select courses that require hands-on components, such as welding, aviation, heavy equipment and EMS/paramedic. 
Limits on the third type of offering are critical to ensure the college community can continue to maintain social distancing requirements even as we begin to offer face-to-face instruction. In addition, when employees and students are allowed back on campus, we need to prioritize finishing the 130 sections that were paused during the spring semester.
If we deem it safe for the health and welfare of our students and employees to come back to campus, we will adjust the fall schedule accordingly.