Understanding FOAPALs at LCC

As part of the strategic plan’s Resource Management and Fiscal Responsibility focus area, the college has launched the Increased Financial Awareness Team. This group’s goal is to increase the college community’s understanding of LCC budgeting and accounting.

In this article, we cover the concept of FOAPAL (pronounced ‘fopul’), which is commonly used to refer to how expenses are charged against the college budget.

FOAPAL is an acronym for Fund, Organization, Account, Program, Activity and Location. These terms are elements that, when used together, identify an accounting transaction. Fund, Organization, Account and Program are required elements. Activity and Location are optional. All elements are combined using a hyphen (-) character. For example, a transaction to charge paper and binders used by ITS staff would have the FOAPAL 11-60001-7175-210000. For this FOAPAL:

  • The Fund is 11, which is the General Fund
  • The Organization is 60001, which is the Information Technology Services division
  • The Account is 7175, which is Supplies
  • The Program is 210000, which is Information Technology – 2.0

For more information regarding the six FOAPAL elements, please visit the Understanding FOAPALs article. 

The Increased Financial Awareness Team wants to hear from you and what you need in order to better understand the college’s finances. Please reach out to Kevin Bubb at bubbk@lcc.edu if you have questions or ideas for items you’d like the team to address, or if you’d like to join the team.