A round of Applause! for Mike Tulle, Nick Myers and Angela Gregor

This week, we’re applauding eLearning’s Mike Tulle.

“Quite often, it is difficult to remain calm when we face situations which we cannot influence or control,” Magnus Campbell wrote in the award. “The coronavirus crisis has been a major disruption to our lives in many ways. However, during this time, there are many people who continue to provide help and support either in the background or at the forefront. Mike Tulle provided several faculty members and I with WebEx and other online assistance needed to transition from the face-to-face format to the online format. Mike’s excellent knowledge, experience, patience and professionalism were beyond description. It is my pleasure to recommend Mike Tulle for an Applause Award.”

Applause also goes to Web Developer Nick Myers and Business Analyst Angela Gregor.

“When the college moved virtual, I needed to create a new way for selective admission applicants to apply to their desired health programs,” Kara Swanson wrote in the award. “Angela Gregor and Nick Myers were extremely helpful in aiding me to create an online payment system and make the needed web updates. They acted quickly and efficiently and, more importantly, were always willing to help. Due to their gracious assistance, students experienced little to no disruption in the application process. Now the process is working better than it ever has. Thanks Nick and Angela!”

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