Happenings in the CTE

New site developed for LCC community stories
This “Live Together” website was created by a group of faculty members with the Open Learning Lab. It’s a place for all of us to share our experiences during this time through stories, pictures and recordings. It is open to everyone who works at LCC and our students. 

Faculty recognition
In an effort to highlight the work of your colleagues, the CTE is requesting “nominations” of a faculty member you feel deserves recognition. To do so, complete this form by Friday, April 17. 
OER news
The Center for Teaching Excellence and the OER Program are pleased to announce the publication of “Expressions and Inquiry.” This first-year composition text contains three major sections.
Section One primarily focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing so students can learn how to get engaged in the process of writing and consider their point or claim. This section shares ideas about expressing ideas and is primarily derived from the Wiki Book on Rhetoric and Composition.
Section Two continues to discuss academic writing, including research and other inquiry methods as well as analysis. It blends more of the previously cited Wiki book and Shane Abram’s “EmpoWord: A Student-Centered Anthology and Handbook for College Writers.” “Expressions and Inquiry” also includes some examples from students at LCC and more discussion about thinking deeply about writing and techniques.
Finally, Section Three, focused on narrative and description, is primarily based on Abram’s “EmpoWord.” It circles back to the techniques of description and narration to engage readers and develop voice. You can view the book on the Open LCC PressBook platform.
“Expressions and Inquiry” represents the second book in the growing digital library of LCC faculty-authored text. View a catalogue of StarPress textbook offerings.