A round of Applause! for PC Technicians and Barb Line, Martha Anderson and Amber Samuel

This week, we’re applauding the PC Technicians.

“PC Techs managed to move an astounding amount of equipment all over campus as we cleared out all of our computers for the TLC renovation,” Joe Welbes wrote in the award. “Your clear, constant communication and hard work was appreciated so much!”

Applause also goes to Barb Line, Martha Anderson and Amber Samuel.

“A few weeks ago, Barb, Martha and Amber sprang into action to help a student with disabilities to successfully complete an Anatomy and Physiology test,” Andy George wrote in the award. “The student in question is a wheelchair user, and relies on the elevator at Parker Middle School (to which the Livingston Center is attached) to get to and from her class on the second floor. This particular day, test day, the elevator was suddenly and unexpectedly out of order. The student was required as part of her test to identify bones and bone markings on models that were set up in class. The team out at the Livingston Center immediately started working toward a solution. Martha secured another room in which the student and I could work. Barb went and took pictures of the various stations students were being tested on, and we used a projector to blow these up. Amber (the instructor of the course) brought down models from the classroom when our student needed more information than the picture could provide. Through their efforts, this student was able to have a successful testing experience. I also appreciate Barb coordinating with Howell Public Schools staff (who maintain the facility) to ensure that the elevator was quickly repaired.”

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