LCC employee wins Food Network’s Girl Scout Cookie Championship

The Mackinac Bridge has always brought good memories for Jeremy Davis, but now that association is just a bit sweeter.
Davis’ cake representation of the Mackinac Bridge won him the cookie crown in the fourth episode of the Food Network’s “Girl Scout Cookie Championship,” which premiered Monday night. Davis, the director of the Business and Economics Department and an Academic Senator, used his favorite Girl Scout cookies – Samoas – to recreate the bridge in all its toasted coconut, caramel drizzle glory.
“I love that Jeremy took us on a road trip,” judge Zac Young said in the show. “He took us on a journey. We drove up that road of cake with him, the way the road narrowed at the top, so it did look like a five-mile bridge in the distance.”
The show challenges five bakers to reimagine Girl Scout cookies into new desserts. It is hosted by actress Alyson Hannigan and features three judges. In the first round of the competition, Davis had to combine a road trip salty snack with a Girl Scout cookie. He used tortilla chips and do-si-dos to make do-si-do blondies. He and his competitors took their creations into the streets of Jersey City and tallied votes from passers-by to survive to the next round.
The top three vote-getters moved into the cake round, inspired by the “Celebrating Community” Girl Scout badge. Each baker had to make a 3D representation of a U.S. landmark. Davis chose to feature the Mackinac Bridge because it is so important to Michiganders.
“The whole show was about a family road trip and going up north is so Michigan,” Davis said. “It was kind of a risk to pick something that was very recognizable to me, but might not be to the judges. I’m happy it worked out and I was even happier at the responses I’ve been getting from people all over the state thanking me for featuring such an iconic Michigan landmark.”
Outside his work at LCC, Davis runs a home bakery called “Designed by Daddy Custom Cakery.” All his competitors attended culinary school and work professionally as bakers and chefs, and he said it was fun to pit the skills gained in his home business against their professional training.
“It felt amazing to take on the culinary school graduates,” he said. “Working in higher ed myself, I definitely value the education someone gets in their profession. I did have to remind them that even though I didn’t go to culinary school, I was a professional baker. Baking isn’t a hobby; I do run a business, it just happens to be out of my home.”
As the winner, Davis received a “dream outdoor vacation” and a year’s supply of Girl Scout cookies.
You can check out upcoming airings or stream the full episode online.

Employee Jeremy Davis talks with the judges while working on his Mackinac Bridge cake in this screenshot from the Food Network's "Girl Scout Cookie Championship."