A round of Applause! for Gabe Revilla and Jon TenBrink

This week, we’re applauding Testing Services’ Gabe Revilla.

“Gabe has always impressed me with his customer service,” Alyssa Hartley wrote in the award. “The manner in which he handles students and the public is always calm, warm and welcoming. He always takes the time to go above and beyond for anybody he helps to make sure they leave us with correct information. He will ask questions even if he thinks he knows the answer just to be sure we have served the student to the best of our ability. He troubleshoots many things to save people time and trips around campus. I am always impressed with the way he handles more difficulty personalities and I have found myself trying to model my reactions in the same way. As a team member, Gabe is kind, generous and probably has one of the best senses of humor I have had the pleasure to enjoy. There is not a single person who walks away from Gabe without a smile on their face. We are all lucky to have him on our team.”

Applause also goes to Music’s Jon TenBrink.

“Jon provides relevant faculty information at all program meetings,” Jon Gewirtz wrote in the award. “He listens to all concerns from faculty and provides appropriate feedback in a timely manner. Also, he makes an effort to be available for the students. Having a full-time music faculty at the college is greatly appreciated and has improved the growth of the department.”

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