Employee will appear in new Food Network competition show in February

Although he spends his evenings and weekends as the Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 45 in Charlotte, this year is all about Girl Scouts for Jeremy Davis. Specifically, Girl Scout cookies.

Davis, who works at LCC as the Director of the Business & Economics Department and an Academic Senator, will appear on the upcoming Food Network show “Girl Scout Cookie Championship.” The show pits five bakers against one another in a competition to reimagine Girl Scout cookies into a different, delicious dessert.

“I have been watching the Food Network for as long as the Food Network has been around, which makes me feel really old, and I have always loved the food competitions,” Davis said. “I’ve watched these shows for years and to be on the other side of it to go, ‘That’s why they’re doing it,’ and ‘yes, the clock is real,’ … It was exciting.”

Outside his full-time work at LCC, Davis is a husband and father of three, and runs a home bakery called “Designed by Daddy Custom Cakery.” He started the business three years ago to create all kinds of celebration cakes, especially wedding cakes. His business’ Instagram page caught the attention of Food Network casting directors, who reached out to set up an interview. The entire casting process took about four months, he said, and then he taped the show in September 2019 in New Jersey. The show was still largely an unknown to him going into taping, he said.

“I knew the show was called ‘Girl Scout Cookie Championship,’ but really other than that, they had no framework for us to show the format or what the competition was going to look like,” Davis said. “It was pretty blind for all of us.”

Despite having little information to start, Davis said he loved the experience and would happily do it again.

“The best part, it’s going to sound cheesy, is just the competition part of it, the challenge,” he said. “I bake in my kitchen almost every day, but there’s not a time limit or lights and cameras on you and someone asking you why you’re doing what you’re doing.”

The show is hosted by actress Alyson Hannigan of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “How I Met Your Mother” fame and premieres Feb. 3.

“Meeting the judges was nice,” he said. “My kids were very excited I got to meet Kim Possible’s mom, because that’s the only way they know Alyson Hannigan.”

Davis’ episode premieres 8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 24, on the Food Network. He is holding a watch party at the Eaton Pub & Grill in Charlotte, and anyone is welcome to join.