Veteran students eligible for more direct credit equivalencies to help them succeed

The Registrar’s office is focused on a project to make sure veteran students have an easier time gaining the college credits that match their experience and expertise.
In the past, veteran students could obtain credits for their experience, but credit was granted on a case-by-case basis, and any credit that was directly related to a veteran’s declared program of study required department approval. This led to veterans receiving lots of general credits, which brought them closer to their total credits needed but no closer to fulfilling their specific educational requirements for graduation.
Now, LCC is building a master list of all military to direct course equivalencies. Credit will be granted based on a veteran’s Joint Services Transcript, a document approved by the American Council on Education to validate military education and work history. The Registrar’s office is working closely with the academic divisions, the college’s Veterans Services and the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA) to ensure veterans receive appropriate credits that match their experience while still gaining the LCC education they need for their new civilian career paths.
The military to LCC equivalencies are scheduled to be published on the LCC and MVAA websites by April 1, in time for summer and fall registration.