College launches improved campus address formats

Earlier this week, Human Resources updated all campus addresses to support improvements to external and internal mail delivery process. We worked with partners on campus to collect the most up-to-date mail delivery addresses, as well as office and cubical numbers.
All faculty and staff will now have two campus address types:

  • Campus-Mailing Address – This is the address used for internal and external mail delivery. The building and suite listed are designated delivery locations. When providing this address for external mail, please include the street address:

Lansing Community College
Department or Employee Name
Building Name, Delivery Location
Street Address
City, State ZIP

  • Campus-Office Location – This address will display your actual office or cubical number (if you have one; otherwise, it will display the mail delivery address). This address will not be displayed in public directories, but will be used internally by divisions to deliver mail that comes to the main office, as well as by PC Technicians and Public Safety.

The updated addresses can now be viewed in the Employee Dashboard, by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into myLCC
  2. Click on the Work Tab
  3. In the Employment Details section, click on Employee Dashboard
  4. This will your employee information
  5. Click on the My Profile button (located next to your profile picture)
  6. In the Addresses section, review your Campus-Mail Delivery Address and Campus-Office Location Address

If you believe this information is not correct, or has changed, submit a 5Star Service request to request an update.
This update was the first step in a journey to improve our ability to streamline and display contact information. It is important we continue to keep this information current, and we ask that you use the service request to notify HR when your campus addresses change. We are working to deliver future improvements to update reports, display the Campus-Mailing Address in directories, and eventually enable you to update your own address in the Employee Dashboard.