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Reminder: Submit Early Alerts anytime you spot potential trouble with a student

Faculty and all other employees who work with students are encouraged to continue submitting Early Alerts, or online referrals, to the Academic Success Coaches this year. The referral form is available online.

The goals of the Early Alert system are to create a partnership between faculty and staff to increase student retention, persistence and success. The program gives faculty a place to identify students at risk of academic difficulty as early as possible, allowing the college to build a support network around them. Even referrals late in the semester are valuable; What is a “late referral” for one course can turn into an “early alert” for the next semester’s courses.

The Early Alert form was revised in February 2019 in response to faculty input. The new form includes many more options for explaining concerns about a student. Since the Academic Success Coaches work closely with the Learning Commons, Counseling and other student support areas, the single Early Alert form provides opportunities for secondary referrals and generates a support network to help students get help from across the college.

Please note, Early Alerts are not the same as enrollment verification or as progress reports requested by the Athletic Department. Those are separate processes with separate purposes.

Last year, the Academic Success Coaches received 2,330 Early Alerts from faculty, including reports for nearly 70% of the students whose financial aid ended up at risk because they were not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress, or SAP. Thank you to everyone who helped the coaches identify these students so we could begin building a support network for them.

For more information, visit the academic success coaches’ website. In addition to the referral form, it contains multiple resources to help you refer students. Check out the Early Alert Process Faculty Guide and the Early Alert Decision Tree. For an online training opportunity, please visit the LMS in myLCC and complete “The Early Alert Process” module.

Theatre alum wins Emmy

LCC Theatre alum Rudy Valdez won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking for his film, “The Sentence.”
“The Sentence” tells the story of Valdez’s sister’s prison sentence, handed down for conspiracy charges related to her deceased ex-boyfriend’s crimes, and its effects on her three children and their family. It provides a powerful and personal look at the effects of mandatory minimum drug sentences.
The film tied with “RBG” for the Emmy. It premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award: U.S. Documentary. It is available to stream on HBO.

Poster for "The Sentence," featuring a photo of Rudy Valdez's sister and three children, but cuts his sister's face out of the frame.

Youth Programs enrolling for fall

Are you looking for something fun and educational for your kids to do this fall? LCC Youth Program Fall Saturday classes, for second-ninth graders, has something for everyone!

Has your child ever wondered how video games are made? We have a few classes in mind! These classes mix fun with math, coding, programming and design. 3D Theme Park Fun utilizes Minecraft programming to build both math skills and your child’s very own roller coaster. Video Game Design allows students to create their own video game using multiple software applications. Another ITEC class, Programming with Raspberry Pi (ITEC), teaches students how to use a Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized computer used for programming and circuitry.

Sign your child up for one of these great techy classes today! We have so much more to explore, so please visit our website at

What about benefits? Easy yoga at your desk

LCC offers an array of employee benefits, but understanding them can be confusing. Each week, Human Resources hopes to explain the many facets of our LCC benefits.

September is National Yoga Month! This month is a time to celebrate yoga and all the health benefits it can provide. In addition to more intuitive benefits from yoga like increased flexibility and muscle strength, yoga can also lower stress and anxiety. Especially during the beginning of an academic year, help with stress and anxiety is always welcome. 
Try one of the following two links for simple stretches at your desk to add a little yoga into your life:

Also, check out the following websites for more information about the benefits of yoga:

Please contact Mara Fisher at with any questions.

A round of Applause! for Robin Moore and Jesse Mills

This week, we’re applauding the library’s Robin Moore.

“Robin does an amazing job of training new employees in the library to provide excellent service,” Suzanne Bernsten wrote in the award. “She welcomes all who come to the library and models respect, inclusiveness and enthusiasm.”

Applause also goes to Testing Services’ Jesse Mills.

“During the busiest time for waivers, Jesse stepped up and completed a huge bulk of the waivers,” Erica James wrote in the award. “Unselfishly and without hesitation, he ‘saved the day.’ Even when I personally thanked him, he remained humble, and with a huge smile simply said no problem. I want him to know his time and dedication were appreciated.”

This regular “Applause!” column features the good work you and your colleagues do around the college. It’s powered by Applause! Awards, an LCC-wide program designed to recognize you for providing excellent customer service. Know someone who deserves to be featured here? All awards are given by employees, to employees, and everyone is eligible.

Upcoming business seminars

Perfect Your Pitch: Black Business Expo
2-4 p.m. Monday, Sept. 23
WCP 101

Google Analytics for Beginners
10-11:30 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25
WCP 101

Make Your Business Legal
6:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25
WCP 101

The Small Business Development Center at LCC is funded through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and LCC. The SBDC provides seminars and confidential consulting for businesses at all stages. All employees are welcome. Please call 517-483-1921 with questions.

Celebrating Healthcare Simulation Week

LCC is joining in Healthcare Simulation Week, which celebrates global professionals who use simulation to improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery. This week also raises awareness in communities nationwide about how healthcare simulation is leading to safer, more knowledgeable patient care. 
LCC’s Nursing Simulation Program provides high-quality healthcare education using committed faculty, staff and healthcare simulation technology to promote synthesis and continuous improvement of clinical care and patient safety. The program has been accredited since 2014 by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.
In honor of the week, Nina Favor, MSN.Ed, RN – who serves as the Nursing Program Director of Clinical, Lab and Simulation as well as the co-founder of the Southeast Michigan Simulation Consortium (SEMS-C) – debuted her first podcast Sept. 17. Listen to it online using the password Eqf6i3Mj.
Thank you to the dedicated faculty and staff who make the LCC Nursing Simulation Program a success!

  • Dawn Cook, MSN, RN, has been involved with the program since 2013 and has worked with students at every level as the principal source of instruction and faculty of record.
  • Melissa Gray MSN, RN, CHSE, has participated in the development, planning and implementation of simulated learning events for several years.
  • Dawn Lambert, BSN, RN, has a decade of expertise as a registered nurse in the critical care setting, and is committed to educating the next generation of nurses and physicians.
  • Irie Lott, MSN, RN, is a master’s-prepared nurse with experience in clinical, educational and policy settings, who has a passion for providing high-quality patient education and advocacy.
  • Larissa Miller, MSN, RN, CS, CNE, has been in nursing education since 1997, teaching in a variety of programs and roles.
  • Tara Malek, MSN, RN, is a U.S. Air Force veteran with 20 years of experience in labor and delivery, medical-surgical, telemetry, and emergency care.
  • Jeremy O’Malley is a technology professional with in-depth experience managing high-fidelity simulation equipment and software. 
  • Andrew Schneider is a simulation tech who maintains inventory of supplies and equipment needed for simulation and creates a safe environment conducive for learning.
  • Shannon Scott, MSN, RN, is a seasoned simulation educator who has taught in the LCC SIM lab since 2017 and previously taught SIM at Michigan State University. 
  • Grace Smith-Jobski, in her sim tech position, assists with role playing and moulage applications, maintains inventory of supplies and equipment needed for simulation, and creates a safe environment conducive for learning.
  • Michelle Stimson, MSN, RN, CEN, CCRN, a registered nurse for 19 years, has a background in clinical and educational settings where she has garnered vast clinical, technical skills laboratory, and simulation experience.
  • Leigh Szedlak, MSN, RN, is a seasoned simulation educator who has taught for LCC in the SIM lab for six years.
  • Meghaen J. Zuzula MSN, RN, is an experienced nurse educator, having taught for more than 10 years, including 30 semesters in associate nursing academia.

College provides Board of Trustees with accessibility update

LCC provided the Board of Trustees with a verbal and written presentation about the accessibility initiative during the Board’s Sept. 16 meeting.

The initiative began after Associate Dean of the Center for Student Support Sue Muma attended a conference and realized we were not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Former Provost Elaine Pogoncheff announced it to all employees during the spring 2018 semester kick-off, and established a July 31, 2019, deadline for creating accessible forms, documents, class materials, website and more.

With that deadline passed, the college has moved past the initial phase of the initiative and into quality control and institutionalization. Read the full report to the Board of Trustees for more details.

Thank you to all employees for your work on this initiative on behalf of our students and employees.

Experience #Starpower hosting Post-it Note art challenge

Show off your office creativity and win bragging rights with a Post-it mural in your workspace. The Experience #Starpower employee engagement group is hosting this art challenge for all employees.

Each team will be given one standard package of Post-its to get started. Only Post-its can be used, but teams can purchase any color and quantity needed to create their art. The space to build and display your art can be almost anything – a tabletop, an inside window, or an inside wall. Do not use any public-facing windows or walls visible to students or the community.

*Note: You may use any color Post-its you wish and you can cut them to fit your design. Drawing on the Post-its is allowed, but only for accents. Only Post-it paper can be used, no adding construction or print paper, etc.

Additionally, please don’t abuse LCC resources, and keep your entries work appropriate.

Check out last year’s entries for some inspiration.

Ready to get started? Email Experience #Starpower at by Wednesday, Sept. 27, with a list of who is on your team and where to send your “starter Post-its.” You have about two weeks to complete your masterpiece. Submit a photo of your finished art to by Friday, Oct. 4!