How to bookmark in the Talent Management System using Chrome

A recent change to Google Chrome has removed the ability for users in the Talent Management System to bookmark a spot in an online course and then return to the course to pick up where they left off when closing the training course window. LCC has no control over this feature and has no further information about future Chrome updates. This issue doesn’t occur in Firefox or Microsoft Edge. 

In Chrome, users can still bookmark a course by pressing the “Save and Exit” button. Users who exit the course using “Save and Exit” will be able to return to the course later and not have to review lose previously viewed material. Please note, not all courses contain this button at this time. Human Resources is in the process of revising all online courses so they include the “Save and Exit” button.   

No user should access a course using Internet Explorer (IE), as that browser is incompatible with many of the activities placed in an online course.

Please direct all questions to the LCC Help Desk at 517-483-5221.