Engagement tools in D2L for instructors

Are you looking for new ways to interact with your students in D2L? Kaltura, WebEx, D2L Discussions and D2L Announcements are just a few of the many engagement tools available in D2L.

  • Kaltura is a video platform that allows users to create, store and stream multimedia within D2L. Instructors can create accessible videos┬áto increase instructor presence within any tool in D2L that uses the HTML editor, including Announcements, Discussions, Content and Assignments. Students can also use Kaltura to record and post videos within Discussions and for submissions within Assignments.
  • WebEx is an on-demand collaboration, online meeting and video conferencing application suite. Instructors can use WebEx to facilitate online office hours, class meetings, and individual or group conferences. WebEx is integrated directly into D2L, allowing instructors to schedule meetings and office hours directly in D2L.
  • The Discussions tool provides students and instructors the opportunity to communicate and discuss course topics. Instructors can set up forums and topics prompting students to discuss course content and assignments. Discussions can be enhanced with multimedia to increase engagement and allow for attachments, making them well suited for peer review activities.
  • With the Announcements tool, instructors can create announcement items to quickly communicate course updates, changes and other important information to students. Generally, My Home or Course Home is the first page students often see when they log in or access courses; therefore, the Announcements widget is a good area to display important information.

Interested in learning more about using D2L to engage your students? Feel free to contact or stop by the eLearning Department at any time!