Learning Commons now hiring student staff as learning assistants

The Learning Commons is seeking your recommendations of students who can serve as learning assistants (LAs). These students provide one option for embedded academic support by working in the classroom as a peer mentor and helping teaching faculty as needed to guide learning activities. LAs also facilitate group study sessions as a peer tutor outside class to review course material and practice key concepts and skills, while encouraging good study habits and learning strategies. LAs might also have work assigned in the Learning Commons at the academic resource service desks and in the learning studios. 

We need teaching faculty to identify successful students who would be great LAs. The Faculty Recommendation Form is required for each applicant. Please submit forms to the Learning Commons in A&S 1313 or to learning-commons@lcc.edu. Encourage the student to apply by sharing a copy of the completed form with them.

If you have any questions, contact the Learning Commons at learning-commons@lcc.edu or 517-483-1206, or call Learning Assistant Coordinator Deb Coulston-Kwapisz at 517-483-1186. Thank you for your consideration!