Review committee formed to continue accessibility work

The college is entering the next phase of its initiative to ensure all academic and non-academic materials are accessible. Now that the July 31 deadline for converting existing materials into accessible formats has passed, we are able to see the amazing amount of work we have achieved. While pockets of the college are still working diligently toward completion, the divisions report good progress and the non-academic forms and documents are more than 95% complete. Thank you for taking on something new and achieving this for our students.

To ensure our momentum continues, the college has formed an accessibility quality review committee. This committee is made up of representatives from academic and non-academic areas of the college, and is charged with developing and monitoring an oversight and quality review process. The group plans to adapt from a process instituted by the Arts & Sciences Division. This will provide a second set of expert eyes to ensure accessibility best practices.

In addition, the college is in early stages of testing and implementing a software called Ally, which will automatically scan all documents in D2L for accessibility. It will be able to provide a list of errors and suggestions for correction for these online learning materials.

As during the initial phase of this accessibility initiative, accessibility is not and cannot be the sole domain of the accessibility quality review committee. Every individual employee remains responsible for ensuring their materials are created in an accessible format. If you need a refresher on how to create accessible materials, you can contact the eLearning Department or the Center for Teaching Excellence, or take the “Accessibility at LCC” training in the Talent Management System.

Thank you for your work to this point. We look forward to continuing our collegewide commitment to making LCC an accessible and welcoming place for all.