Reminders on recording last date of participation in D2L gradebook

Faculty members: As we continue through the summer semester and you prepare for fall, please remember two processes related to recording students’ last date of participation in D2L.

  • Last date of participation recorded in D2L: Automatic reports from D2L that will help the Registrar’s Office determine the last date of participation for students are up and running. While Academic Affairs hopes in the future to be able to provide faculty with two options for associating the last date of participation with a grade, they request all faculty continue to put dates in the D2L gradebook during the summer and fall 2019 semesters.
  • 0.0 grades and last date of participation: When a student receives a 0.0 – whether because they stopped attending class or because they attempted but did not grasp the material – the college has to be able to prove the last date of participation to auditors and the U.S. Department of Education. The Registrar’s Office and Financial Aid, with input from the Academic Senate, determined that a 0.0 recorded in the D2L gradebook will be considered the last date of participation.

The Academic Senate provided input on how best to achieve the ends of these processes earlier in the spring semester. Using that input, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Sally Welch provided this guidance during the April 26 senate meeting and it was published in The Star the next week.