What about benefits? Schedule your annual eye exam

LCC offers an array of benefits to non-student employees. Understanding those benefits can be confusing and daunting. Each week, Human Resources hopes to explain and demystify the many facets of our LCC benefits.

Make sure to schedule your annual eye exam!
In addition to detecting and treating vision issues, an annual eye exam helps monitor cardiovascular health. Your eye doctor will check the blood vessels in the retinas of your eyes during an exam, which allows them to detect high blood pressure or hypertension. Hypertension has been called the “silent disease” because people with it often do not exhibit symptoms. Early detection is key with hypertension because it can negatively affect vital parts of the body over time, such as the arteries, heart, brain and kidneys.
If you are currently enrolled in LCC’s EyeMed vision insurance, you can schedule an exam every 12 months. When you schedule with an in-network provider, it will only cost a $6 copay for the exam. Visit EyeMed’s website to utilize their Provider Locator to find an in-network provider near you.
Check out this article by EyeMed for more information about the importance of eye exams to your cardiovascular health.

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