LCC employee says free 2nd.MD service saved her time and money

When Lorraine Hayes* heard about 2nd.MD during LCC’s open enrollment period, she realized her opportunity.

2nd.MD connects users with medical specialists all over the world to help them get a valuable second opinion in their medical treatment. By using video consultation, the service is fast, allowing users to speak with an expert within days. It is also completely free to anyone on an LCC WMHIP health plan.

Hayes thought this service could connect her with a pharmaceutical specialist, someone who could bring a fresh pair of eyes to her medical history. Hayes had been seeing the same primary care physician for years, and had just slowly accumulated more and more prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. It’s not that anything was going wrong, per se, but the costs of medications were adding up and the mental load of remembering which ones to take at which times of day was a lot.

“Sometimes, I think, when you see the same doctor for years and years and years, you keep doing what you’re doing,” Hayes said. ”I thought, you know, this is a free service that LCC is offering to me, and I don’t really have to do anything this person says to me. It’s just me reaching out for another set of eyes to say ‘Hey, how do you see this?’ And I think that was very helpful.”

The process was incredibly simple, Hayes said.

“I contacted them, and it all happened very, very quickly,” she said. “Within a couple of days, they sent me a form to fill out electronically that listed any diagnoses I’ve had, any surgeries I’ve had, all those kinds of questions you would expect. I completed all of that, and the next day they had a specialist assigned to me.”

The consultation was comfortable, she said. The assigned doctor had thoroughly reviewed Hayes’ medical history, and spent about 45 minutes asking her thoughtful questions. Then she provided advice Hayes could bring up with her doctor.

“She said, ‘Well, I would recommend you go back to your doctor and talk about these things,’” Hayes said. “She never wanted to interfere with the plan my doctor had. She just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking too many of something.”

Hayes took the specialist’s information back to her doctor, who was very receptive. She went off a few over-the-counter medications. Today, she feels great, she said.

“It worked for me,” Hayes said. “It saved me money and it saved me time. I think everybody should do it.”

Learn more about 2nd.MD.

*Not her real name. The employee asked to remain anonymous to preserve medical privacy.