Course evaluations available until May 6

Course evaluations are available online at Please encourage your students to fill them out! Boost your IDEA response rates with this advice from your colleagues:

Monitor and Communicate
“I kept the class updated as to their progress – OK, we’re at 50, 65, 75%. I also made sure they knew how many more students had to complete it to get to the 80 percent target. I think this gave some of the holdouts the incentive to complete.”
–Jeff Janowick, History, 85% response rate, fall 2016

In-Class Capture
“I find the highest response rates occur in face-to-face sections when we take time during a regular class session for evaluation. It becomes a priority for students that does not compete with other classes, work, family or other outside obligations.”
–Daniel Rafail, Computer Information Technologies, 82% response rate, fall 2016

Create Value
“I really stress to the students that it’s as important for me to have their feedback as it is for them to have my feedback. Also, that I take to heart the good, the bad and the ugly, that I learn something new every day and their input is vital for me to learn and grow and be a better instructor.”
–Kristine Cuddy, Community Health Service Education, 100% response rate, fall 2016