Accessibility work should be complete by July 31

Thank you for your work so far on LCC’s accessibility initiative. Our students and community are already benefitting! As we approach the end of the semester and enter our summer rhythm, please remember the deadline is July 31. This completion date was established in January 2018 when Provost Elaine Pogoncheff announced the initiative.

While this is the collegewide deadline, we know there is still work ongoing. In particular, many STEM programs, our web team, and some other areas have been working diligently but still have a fair amount of challenging work to do. If you have already established a project plan and completion targets with your area administrator, continue with what you are doing.

For assistance with the finer points of accessibility, please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence and/or eLearning. Both areas have experts available.

Once the July 2019 deadline passes, the college will begin peer reviews to ensure materials have successfully been made accessible. Stay tuned to The Star for details on that peer review process.

Once reviews are complete, the accessibility initiative will move into a maintenance phase. At this point, all new materials – coursework, forms, webpages, etc. – will need to be accessible from their beginning.

Thank you, again, to all faculty, staff and administrators for your commitment to this project. Your work is appreciated!