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LCC employee says free 2nd.MD service saved her time and money

When Lorraine Hayes* heard about 2nd.MD during LCC’s open enrollment period, she realized her opportunity.

2nd.MD connects users with medical specialists all over the world to help them get a valuable second opinion in their medical treatment. By using video consultation, the service is fast, allowing users to speak with an expert within days. It is also completely free to anyone on an LCC WMHIP health plan.

Hayes thought this service could connect her with a pharmaceutical specialist, someone who could bring a fresh pair of eyes to her medical history. Hayes had been seeing the same primary care physician for years, and had just slowly accumulated more and more prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. It’s not that anything was going wrong, per se, but the costs of medications were adding up and the mental load of remembering which ones to take at which times of day was a lot.

“Sometimes, I think, when you see the same doctor for years and years and years, you keep doing what you’re doing,” Hayes said. ”I thought, you know, this is a free service that LCC is offering to me, and I don’t really have to do anything this person says to me. It’s just me reaching out for another set of eyes to say ‘Hey, how do you see this?’ And I think that was very helpful.”

The process was incredibly simple, Hayes said.

“I contacted them, and it all happened very, very quickly,” she said. “Within a couple of days, they sent me a form to fill out electronically that listed any diagnoses I’ve had, any surgeries I’ve had, all those kinds of questions you would expect. I completed all of that, and the next day they had a specialist assigned to me.”

The consultation was comfortable, she said. The assigned doctor had thoroughly reviewed Hayes’ medical history, and spent about 45 minutes asking her thoughtful questions. Then she provided advice Hayes could bring up with her doctor.

“She said, ‘Well, I would recommend you go back to your doctor and talk about these things,’” Hayes said. “She never wanted to interfere with the plan my doctor had. She just wanted to make sure I wasn’t taking too many of something.”

Hayes took the specialist’s information back to her doctor, who was very receptive. She went off a few over-the-counter medications. Today, she feels great, she said.

“It worked for me,” Hayes said. “It saved me money and it saved me time. I think everybody should do it.”

Learn more about 2nd.MD.

*Not her real name. The employee asked to remain anonymous to preserve medical privacy.

Course evaluations available until May 6

Course evaluations are available online at Please encourage your students to fill them out! Boost your IDEA response rates with this advice from your colleagues:

Monitor and Communicate
“I kept the class updated as to their progress – OK, we’re at 50, 65, 75%. I also made sure they knew how many more students had to complete it to get to the 80 percent target. I think this gave some of the holdouts the incentive to complete.”
–Jeff Janowick, History, 85% response rate, fall 2016

In-Class Capture
“I find the highest response rates occur in face-to-face sections when we take time during a regular class session for evaluation. It becomes a priority for students that does not compete with other classes, work, family or other outside obligations.”
–Daniel Rafail, Computer Information Technologies, 82% response rate, fall 2016

Create Value
“I really stress to the students that it’s as important for me to have their feedback as it is for them to have my feedback. Also, that I take to heart the good, the bad and the ugly, that I learn something new every day and their input is vital for me to learn and grow and be a better instructor.”
–Kristine Cuddy, Community Health Service Education, 100% response rate, fall 2016

Accessibility work should be complete by July 31

Thank you for your work so far on LCC’s accessibility initiative. Our students and community are already benefitting! As we approach the end of the semester and enter our summer rhythm, please remember the deadline is July 31. This completion date was established in January 2018 when Provost Elaine Pogoncheff announced the initiative.

While this is the collegewide deadline, we know there is still work ongoing. In particular, many STEM programs, our web team, and some other areas have been working diligently but still have a fair amount of challenging work to do. If you have already established a project plan and completion targets with your area administrator, continue with what you are doing.

For assistance with the finer points of accessibility, please contact the Center for Teaching Excellence and/or eLearning. Both areas have experts available.

Once the July 2019 deadline passes, the college will begin peer reviews to ensure materials have successfully been made accessible. Stay tuned to The Star for details on that peer review process.

Once reviews are complete, the accessibility initiative will move into a maintenance phase. At this point, all new materials – coursework, forms, webpages, etc. – will need to be accessible from their beginning.

Thank you, again, to all faculty, staff and administrators for your commitment to this project. Your work is appreciated!

What about benefits? Name and address changes

LCC offers an array of benefits to non-student employees. Understanding those benefits can be confusing and daunting. Each week, Human Resources hopes to explain and demystify the many facets of our LCC benefits. This week: Two important changes in life are name and address changes. Please notify Human Resources of these changes as soon as possible! If Human Resources is not notified, it can affect your employment records, HR and Payroll’s regulatory reporting, and the processing of any enrolled benefits.
For address changes:

  • Email the change to
  • HR support staff will update Banner and notify benefits to update all of the corresponding benefits systems related to the employee.

For employee name changes:

  • Email the change to
  • Provide a copy, either in person or through HR’s secure fax line 517-483-1883, of the updated Social Security number card as proof of the change.

For covered dependent name changes:

  • Email the change to
  • Provide any legal document supporting the name change, either in person or through HR’s secure fax line 517-483-1883, as proof of the change. Documents could be a birth certificate, Social Security number card, approved Petition to Change Name, etc.

See next week’s “What about benefits?” column for information on a yearly benefit you can receive if enrolled in the Hartford Critical Illness or Accident insurance coverage. Please contact Mara Fisher at with any questions.

5Star Spotlight: New

The 5Star Service Center is a campuswide system where you can access self-help articles, submit service requests, find information related to technology interruptions and understand campuswide project status. This week we are focusing on As you may know, the campus website went through a major transformation in February and continues to evolve to serve you! Here are some ways you can get assistance with all things LCC web. 

  • To get an overview on how to use the new website, visit the help page listed in our knowledge base article.
  • LCC website modifications: We have a lot of pages left to improve and are working through changes as quickly as possible.  If there is out-of-date information on your page or something isn’t working quite right, please let us know
  • NEW website creation, design and development: If there is something new being offered by your department or division that we need to make available to campus, request it.

Visit the 5Star Service Center. If you have questions, you can reach the Help Desk at or x5221. You can also submit a request for a new service online.

Spring lunch and learn focuses on power of music

Is end-of-semester stress wearing you down? Are you looking for ideas on how to relieve some of the pressure and tension life can bring? Join us for our spring Lunch and Learn event: “Music – Transforming Minds and Souls.”
This event will be held noon-1 p.m. Friday, May 3, in the Gannon Conference Center Michigan Room. The event is sponsored by our Healthcare Task Force and is sure to offer great ideas for improving overall health – mental, physical, social and spiritual.
In this session, LCC music faculty Dr. Jonathan Ten Brink will share his powerful insights into the power of music as a tool for achieving overall well-being.
All are welcome to this event. Please RSVP for this program through the LMS by searching for the course “Music – Transforming Minds and Souls.” Lunch will be provided.

One-on-one VOYA retirement session available

A representative from VOYA will be available 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday, May 3, in the Downtown Campus Washington Court Place building to provide one-on-one, no-cost sessions with employees. The sessions seek to educate and inform participants in the Michigan Public School Employees’ Retirement System (MPSERS) Pension Plus, Pension Plus 2 and Defined Contribution plans.

If you would like to sign up for a session, please contact Tristen Dodge at or 517-284-4582.

A round of Applause! for Accounting’s Linda Hall

This week, we’re applauding Linda Hall of Accounting.

“Linda Hall has helped me so much in both my current and previous roles here at LCC,” Marcy Fuhr wrote in the award. “She seeks out ways to make working in a staff position working with finance easy but 100% accurate. She is a kind and efficient worker and goes out of her way to make campus customers look like shining stars!”

This regular “Applause!” column features the good work you and your colleagues do around the college. It’s powered by Applause! Awards, an LCC-wide program designed to recognize you for providing excellent customer service. Know someone who deserves to be featured here? All awards are given by employees, to employees, and everyone is eligible.